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Cannabis Permits
Instructions & Forms

The County of Sonoma began to accept applications for Cannabis permits on July 5, 2017. Below are instructions and forms necessary for obtaining Cannabis-related use permits and zoning permits in unincorporated Sonoma County for the categories listed below:

  • Cultivation (zoning or use permit)
  • Dispensaries (use permit)
  • Distribution and Transportation (use permit)
  • Manufacturing (use permit)

Please note:

  • Permits are not required for personal use or cultivation.
  • Permits for businesses will only be issued for medical use. No permits will be issued for businesses for recreational use.

Find more information at:
Sonoma County Cannabis Business Permits

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How to Submit Planning Applications Electronically

For continuity of operations over the next several weeks, customers will have the option to submit planning applications electronically. Because our online permitting portal is not yet configured for Planning e-submittals, the submittal process will take place by email.

Please follow the process to submit a planning application online.

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