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Boards and Commissions Upcoming Items of Significant Public Interest

The following Permit Sonoma agenda items are scheduled for discussion at upcoming Board of Supervisors, Board of Zoning Adjustments, Planning Agency, or Planning Commission meetings. These items have been identified as being of significant interest to the public.

Please use the links below to see all of the upcoming meeting agenda items for the Board of Supervisors and Commissions and Committees affiliated with Permit Sonoma:

Current Items

March 17, 2020 – General Plan Update Scoping Plan

Review and provide comment to Permit Sonoma staff on the work plan to scope the General Plan Update and complete consultant recruitment.

Documents in PDF format:

March 17, 2020 – Winery Events Local Area Guidelines and Ordinance Update

Receive an update on the preparation of the areas of potential overconcentration guidelines for the Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma Valley, and Westside Road areas, and discuss the proposed direction for completing the policy update for winery events. (ORD16-0001)

March 24, 2020 – TRV Corp Cannabis Operation

Use Permit for commercial cannabis cultivation in a new 14,000 square foot greenhouse with 10,000 square feet of mixed light cultivation, 2,500 square feet of indoor propagation, and on-site processing of site-grown plants on a 1 acre leased portion on a 7.6 acre parcel under the pipeline provision (Ordinance No. 6245 adopted 10/16/2018), which allows applications deemed complete prior to the effective date of the ordinance to continue to be processed under the minimum lot size in effect at the time their applications were deemed complete (UPC17-0018).