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Permit Sonoma Boards and Commissions – Upcoming Items of Significant Public Interest

The following Permit Sonoma agenda items are scheduled for discussion at upcoming Board of Supervisors, Board of Zoning Adjustments, Planning Agency, or Planning Commission meetings. These items have been identified as being of significant interest to the public.

Please use the links below to see all of the upcoming meeting agenda items for the Board of Supervisors and Commissions and Committees affiliated with Permit Sonoma:

Current Items

December 7, 2021 – Sonoma County Mulit-Jurisdiction Hazard Mitigation Plan (SCMJHMP)

The Board of Supervisors will consider adoption of the 2021 Sonoma County Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan as an update to the 2016 Sonoma County Hazard Mitigation Plan. The federal Disaster Management Act of 2000 requires state and local governments to develop, and regularly update, hazard mitigation plans to meet federal and state hazard planning requirements and as a condition for disaster grant assistance. For this update, Sonoma County partnered with local incorporated city governments and special districts within the County to prepare the 2021 Sonoma County Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan (MJHMP). The MJHMP includes a risk and vulnerability assessment of natural hazards within the County, establishes mitigation priorities and actions for risk reduction, and presents a five-year implementation and maintenance plan. The plan complies with federal and state requirements to establish eligibility for funding under FEMA grant programs for all planning partners. Sonoma County’s ability to apply for and receive future funding from FEMA is dependent on having a current, approved Hazard Mitigation Plan in place, and the County's current plan expires in April 2022.

December 14, 2021 – ORD21-0003 Zoning Code Update

The Board of Supervisors will consider adoption of a Zoning Code update to allow working from home and restaurant take-out without additional permitting requirements. An urgency ordinance approved in July of 2020 temporarily suspended permitting requirements for home occupations and restaurant take-out to comply with COVID19 shelter-in-place orders and social distancing requirements. The proposed update to the Zoning Code would make these changes permanent.

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