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On January 11, 2019, the Office of Recovery & Resiliency convened a day-long event at the Laguna de Santa Rosa Foundation to kick off a campaign to increase the pace, scale and effectiveness of management on public and private forest lands to reduce wildfire hazards, benefit life safety and ecosystem services, and improve landscape resiliency. 

Approximately 70 people with wide-ranging affiliations participated in the event.

This was a key step in creating a “network of networks” that will pursue aligned and connected efforts at the local, regional and state scales. The event included several speakers invited to raise awareness about current and pending government policies, initiatives, regulations, programs and funding. Terry O’Brien, a co-chair of the Governor’s Forest Management Task Force (FMTF), and Gabriel Schultz, co-chair of the FMTF’s Northern Region Prioritization Group provided opening comments that outlined the statewide needs and actions underway.

Morning Presentations

The morning’s presentation materials are available at the following links:

Forest Summit Overview (PDF:1.06 MB)
Virginia Mahacek Natural Resources/Watershed Recovery Coordinator, Sonoma County Office of Recovery & Resiliency

Cal Fire Veg Management Program (PDF:554 kB)
Ben Nicholls Sonoma-Lake-Napa Unit, CAL FIRE

Cal Fire Forestry Assistance Program 1 (PDF:45.9 kB)
Cal Fire Forestry Assistance Program 2 (PDF:2.00 MB)
Stewart McMorrow Deputy Chief of Forestry Assistance, CAL FIRE and Meghan Reeves Forestry Assistance Specialist,CAL FIRE

Structural Hardening, Defensible Space, Ordinances (PDF:13.08 MB)
James Williams Assistant Fire Chief/Fire Marshal, Sonoma County and Caerleon Safford Fire Inspector I, Sonoma County

Legislative Changes & Efforts (PDF:988 kB)
Eric Hedge Regulations Coordinator, CA Board of Forestry & Fire Protection

Organizational, Governance and Financing Options Analysis (PDF:399 kB)
Robert Ewing, EBalive and Bud Bigelow, EBalive

Speed Sharing

Several shorter-presentations were shared to describe ongoing efforts and ideas by landowners, local organizations, researchers, and investors.  Links to the mini-presentations and videos are provided below:

Living with Fire (Video)
Dee Swanhuyser, Sonoma County Forest Conservation Working Group

Thinning beyond fire (PDF:13.2 MB)
Fred Euphrat, PhD, RPF, Forest, Soil & Water, Inc.

Jenner Headlands Shaded Fuel Break (PDF:1.19 MB)
Brook Edwards Regional Director, The Wildlands Conservancy Sonoma Coast Preserves

FireSafe Sonoma Update (PDF:75.1 kB)
Roberta MacIntyre and Caerleon Safford

Good Fire Alliance (PDF:1.61 MB)
Stephanie Larson, PhD  Director and Livestock Range Management Advisor, UCCE – Sonoma County and
Jared Childress  Prescribed Fire Specialist Audubon Canyon Ranch

Stewardship Resources for Small Landowners (PDF:269 kB)
Michael Jones, PhD  Forest Advisor UCCE - Mendocino, Lake and Sonoma Counties

Mark West Watershed Community Wildfire Protection Plan
Penny Sirota, Friends of Mark West Watershed

Local RCD Activities  (PDF:1.06 MB)
Valerie Minton Quinto Executive Director,Sonoma RCD

RCD State-Wide Project Tracker System (PDF:1.53 MB)
Brittany Jenson Executive Director, Gold Ridge RCD

Re-imagining Landscaping (PDF:1.27 MB)
Caitlin Cornwall  Biologist & Research Program Manager, Sonoma Ecology Center

Biomass to energy conversion technologies (PDF:4.41 MB)
Brian Bauer  CEO, Resynergi Inc. and
Roger Ruan, PhD  University of Minnesota

Forest Resilience Bonds in California (video)
Phil Saksa  Director of Research, Blue Forest Conservation

County staff helped facilitate discussion groups to receive input, and an online survey was circulated to collect information that will be reported up to the Northern Regional Prioritization Working Group of the FMTF.

Living with Fire

How the Forest Resilience Bond Works

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