Members of the Mental Health Board

Last updated: March 2021

NameTerm District
Patricia Gray12/31/211st District
Peterson Pierre 06/11/22 1st District
Betzy Chavez 06/16/231st District
Vacant2nd District
Carol West 03/01/232nd District
Mary Ann Swanson 12/31/22 2nd District
Annabel Nygard12/31/23 3rd District
Michael Johnson12/31/23 3rd District
(Vacant)3rd District
Bob Cobb 12/31/224th District
Peter McAweeney 12/31/21 4th District
Vacant4th District
Robert Hales 12/31/215th District
Kathy Smith, Chair 12/31/215th District
Vacant5th District
Board of Supervisors

To inquire about a vacancy in your District, please call Tori Bartholomew, Mental Health Board Clerk, (707) 565-4850

Contact Information

Kathy Smith, Chairperson

Sonoma County Mental Health Board

Mailing Address

2227 Capricorn Way

Suite 207

Santa Rosa, CA 95407

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Site Visit Reports

To request copies of Site Visit reports, please email DHS-MHB@sonoma-county.org

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