Approved Minutes June 09 2021

Zoom Meeting
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A) Call to Order: Vice Chair Sherwood called to order, the regular meeting of Mark West Citizens Advisory Council
(MWCAC) at 6:02 pm.
1. Roll Call:
Members present: Brad Sherwood, Roni Berg, Willie Lamberson, Pete Lescure Chair Karen Fies had an excused
Others: Jen Mendoza, Field Representative Representing Supervisor James Gore, 4th District, County of Sonoma;
Beth Henry, Public Relations MWCAC; Aggie Maggio, Secretary MWCAC; Cyndi Foreman, Sonoma County Fire
Division Chief-Prevention/Fire Marshal
2. Approval of Minutes: On a motion by Lescure, second by Berg, the minutes of the regular MWCAC
meeting, May 12, 2021, were approved. The motion carried on a voice vote. (4-0)

B) Presentations: Information Only
Procedure: 1. Presentation 2. Questions by council members 3. Questions/comments from the public
1. Transportation & Public Works (TPW): Update on the road re-pavement projects in Mark West and Larkfield:
Johannes Hoevertsz, TPW Director
Supervisor Gore is committed to repaving roads and neighborhoods. He committed all the Pavement Preservation
Program (PPP) money to fix those destroyed by the fires and debris removal. There is money for both Tier 1 and Tier
1+ projects. Work has started on Tier 1+ and going back to the Board for approval to start Tier 1 on July 13.
Of real significance to the community, are two projects:

(1) CA Public Utilities Commission Rule 20B, Undergrounding of Utilities (distribution power lines). They hired an
engineering firm to create a geographical information system (GIS) map for distribution powerlines within Mark West
Estates, Wikiup Area & Larkfield Estates (house roofs to poles by the street). They are working with PG&E.
Paving will happen before undergrounding, around the week after July 4, with a goal to add the sidewalks on Mark
West Springs Road (between Old Redwood Hwy and Riebli Elementary) by the end of 2021. They will be able to
underground the utilities behind the curb and gutter, which is still within the road right-of-way, but away from the road. It will not be necessary to cut the road to underground the utilities.

(2) Also, the County is covering the cost of repairing sidewalks damaged when temporary power poles were installed using PG&E funds (FEMA did not cover this loss). They want to do this at the same time as the new sidewalks project
on Mark West Springs Rd. (MWSRd). They are planning on including art, referencing the resiliency of the community,
in this project. This will include about 21 manhole lids within the community. They are working with Creative Sonoma. Once they have an artist they will come back to work with the Council, with themes and such.

Both new and repair sidewalk projects will be ready to go out to bid in three or four months. Thanks to the
Neighborhood Improvement Funding Program (NIFP) funding part of the MWSRd. project, more money can go to the
repair of sidewalks. It almost created a “shelf ready project” which can be eligible for additional funding. They hope to start by the end of the year.

There is a list of which roads are to be paved. It’s actually three 3 lists. They will be added to the MWCAC website.
1. Pavement Preservation Program 2020 List of projects for this year
2. & 3. Tier 1 and Tier 1+. Lists of projects within the Larkfield Wikiup area

The roads to be paved were picked based on assessment of the roads most damaged during debris removal and
reconstruction to re-establish utilities, and complaints from residents.

Hoevertsz does not know if there is time to add roads for pavement. May have flexibility on sidewalks.

The HAWK light is still hung up on right-of-way issues. A glitch with prior negotiations is being cleared up now. The
County is buying the right-of-way from the owners of the shopping center.

Catherine Dodd: The Board of Supervisors just passed a Broadband Action Plan, which will generate money to put
broadband utilities underground. Could conduit be added at this time, using a “dig once” policy?

Response from Hoevertsz: From public board perspective, “dig once” means there is a moratorium on cutting into
pavement once it’s been paved. From Public Works perspective, if you trench, you have a joint trench, with more than one utility. Public Works only has funding for Public Works on that road. Utilities are not a public works issue.
However, they are in the road right-of-way by permit. So normally TPW works with the utilities to provide the conduit
or any facilities that they need. They have been working with the Broadband groups and are not opposed to laying
conduit. They just need someone to fund that effort. They send notices when they start digging trenches.

Catherine Dodd, FYI: A micro trenching bill is sailing thru the state legislature which won’t require such deep
Lescure: Any movement on flooding of Lavell Rd? Response: Forwarded it to the design group. He will check back.

Lamberson: Brought up the issue of the bridge over Mark West Creek on Old Redwood Hwy. It is too small for
pedestrians (just to make TPW aware of it).

Lescure suggested an independent span for pedestrians, using a pre-fab metal truss bridge on the east side.

C) Presentations of Referrals from Permit Sonoma: ACTION ITEM
Consideration of proposed projects will proceed as follows: 1. Presentation by project applicant 2. Questions by
Councilmembers 3. Questions and comments from the public 4. Response by applicant, if required 5. Comments by
Council members 6. Resolution, ACTION, if indicated.
1. UPE21-0033; 4618 Old Redwood Hwy, Santa Rosa: Aden Management Inc. general partner of Hapa’s
Restaurant & Tiki Bar, LP is applying for a conditional use permit for a full bar. They have a lease on the building
(formally Cricklewood and rebuilt after the Tubbs fire) for their Hawaiian themed restaurant.

Ann and Dennis Tussey also own Sweet T’s, on Fountain Grove since 2011, now in Windsor after the fires.

The building will be 4400 sq. ft. with about 1200 sq. ft. of concrete /patio to south and east sides. Their hopes are:
- Upscale, warm and fun; enjoyable Hawaiian comfort food; Tapa means mixture or blend.
- Hawaiian culture is a blend of Portuguese and Asian.
- About 100 employees and around 100 to 150 spaces for seating.
- Hope to open by this time next year.
- Hoping for luau once per month with Hawaiian live music.

Cyndi Foreman, Division Chief-Prevention/Fire Marshal comments:
- since the beginning process of Sweet T’s.
- Very professional, clean and always by the book.
- Looking forward to them coming to this location.

Beth Henry: Completely agreed with Cyndi and welcomed Tapa’s on behalf of the Mark West Chamber.

Public Comments:
Catherine Dodd: Supports wholeheartedly.

Questions Answered:
- Clarification: No off sale of liquor. Looks like plenty of parking.
- Music: TBD. Probably lightly amplified, outdoor, only until 10:00 pm. Will address any community concerns.
Lescure made a motion, second by Lamberson, to recommend approval of the conditional use permit. The motion
carried on a roll-call voice vote. (4-0)

D) Public Comments on Non-Agenda Items:
1. Catherine Dodd: There are two redwood trees on the golf course that are practically dead and a third one
mentioned at April meeting. She really wants to preserve them.

There is a whole grove of eucalyptus trees above Carriage Lane, towards the school. Very flammable. How do you
find out who owns the trees and how do we manage them?

Foreman: This issue comes up all the time. Any trees/shrubs with oil (or odor) burn very hot. There is no regulation to make people remove such trees. Can only encourage owners to remove, thin or manage them.

About this particular grove: There is open dialog between Cal Fire and Cal Am Water. They are trying to bring in the
property owner so all three can resolve how to manage the trees. There are many juvenile trees there, which are
easier to manage. Cal Am Water tanks are right behind the grove.

E) Subcommittee Reports & Discussions: ACTION ITEM
Adjustment to Agenda
1. Rebuild/Fire Mitigation Subcommittee (Sherwood/Fies) (Switched with NIFP ~ moved to #2).
Cyndi Foreman: We are knee deep into Fire season. Current conditions are what we normally expect in mid to late
August. Need to be more vigilant and more prepared.

Sonoma County Sheriff’s department is issuing free evacuation tags to property owners. They are to put on your fron door, mail box or gates, any obvious location; saving critical time for fire fighters, five to 15 minutes for each house.

One public concern is looting. Sherriff’s office says we are having minimal (single digit numbers) on looting. Will
always have some but the risks with these far outweigh the benefits for saving lives and homes.
They are free at any fire station, sheriff’s sub-stations and sheriff departments.

There is good fire prevention commitment from the County:
- The county is upstaffing fire engines, roving patrols in neighborhoods, providing good funding.
- Huge remodel on Station 6, up on Petrified Forest Rd. It will be staffed full-time with up to four firefighters.
Hopefully it will be finished in September.
- Getting a good engine to navigate rural communities.
- More fire fighters
- Advanced Life Support (ALS~ paramedic fire fighters) on fire engines in Larkfield and others
- On July 4, Forestville will join our fire district. Also have a paramedic engine there.
- Three shifts of paramedics. 48 hours per shift.
- Have a deputy fire marshal and fire inspector and community outreach specialist. He will be working with the
COPE program and will be a liaison to all.

Sherwood: What can we do for you, with you, to help you manage?
Response, Foreman: The district has a full-blown fire prevention model now. Communicate with her. She takes all
complaints, including any properties that are not in compliance. Is the best way to submit a complaint. It will be dealt
with right away.

2. Neighborhood Improvement Funding Program (NIFP): (Berg/Lescure)
The Larkfield Resilience Fund, who agreed to wait for funding to be paid back to them (so that the surveyor for the
sidewalks on MWSRd. could be funded), will get their funds this week.
July 1 starts a new fiscal year so the remainder will be paid with the new budget, very shortly.

3. Community Services District (CSD) (Sherwood/Lamberson)
It’s time to start putting energy into a CSD or Community Benefits District (CBD). Would have to assess the
community to raise money. It would have to be voted on; and an elected board of officers to oversee the money would
have to be created. Might need it for the golf course open space maintenance. He will talk to various community
members to see what interest can be generated.

- funding for a pathway around the park at Schopflin Fields.The county doesn’t have the funds and would like
the community to raise them. With a little more self-governance the projects could be funded and finished.
- a steel bridge, and funding smaller projects around the neighborhood
- With approximately 15% higher property taxes in the last three years, this area is contributing more money to
the county general fund.

4. Wikiup Open Space (Lamberson/Berg)
Having open dialog with the Jacksons and will have a meeting this month. Possible alternatives to fencing the
property are: A neighborhood watch program, repairing the cable fence (maybe be an eagle scout project), and
signage (something appropriate, direct, intentional, and reader friendly). More to come on this.

For those wanting to walk dogs on the golf course site, the Jackson family has decided they will allow it, if the
individuals will sign a liability waiver release.

Lamberson suggested putting updates on the Friends of Wikiup website.

Committee Member Mike Landon: There is new information that the Jacksons may be open to the entire 30 acres
being left as open space. They seem to be sincere. This subcommittee will be meeting with them. They also met with
a woman from Ag and Open Space and discussed the possibility of them working with Sonoma Water to take
possession in some way.

Sherwood reiterated that he will be removing himself from any of those conversations so as not to have any conflict of interest due to his employment with Sonoma County Water.

He said that Sonoma Water is interested in taking title of that space. It’s a natural water park way for supporting our
water education program for school kids. They see several opportunities to do creek restoration and habitat
restoration on that property, in conjunction with stream maintenance and public education. Using that property as a
center piece of the water education program. There is a great steel head education program in several school
districts. They just don’t have the space or the property to let kids release their baby steelheads. That property would allow them to do so. It would be a great partnership in the future.

Lescure announced that he had also previously recused himself from this subject, due to a contract and other projects he’s worked on with the Jacksons. That only leaves three people to vote. The Council Blue Book requires four members to be present to vote on anything. It will be discussed at next month’s meeting.

5. Sonoma County General Plan for Mark West Area (Lescure/Lamberson)
The Subcommittee List has been moved to top of website and he will ask Beth Henry to change the wording on
inviting the community members to join the effort.

F) Pending Items: Updates when available
1. Wikiup Commons:
Berg gave an Explanation of difference between the Pending Item: “Wikiup Commons” and the Subcommittee:
“Wikiup Open Space”

Pending Item: “Wikiup Commons” is about the whole Wikiup Commons project in general.
Subcommittee: “Wikiup Open Space” is about the subcommittee composed of council members and the community
members to work together.

2. Utilities & Water: Sherwood:
Expect the state to deliver to Sonoma Water a temporary change order that will allow Sonoma Water to reduce the
flow in Russian River more than half. They will also require reduction of pumping in the Russian River by 20%. The
domino effect from that action is that cities and water agencies like Cal Am, who get water from Sonoma Water will
get 20% less water coming down the pipe. You will see mandatory conservation orders anywhere from 25 to 35%
next month. Healdsburg not even allowed to water outside.

Each city has their own water shortage contingency plan and many are having per gallon restrictions.

3. Speed limits on Mark West Springs Road and Old Redwood Hwy. None
4. “HAWK” light in front of Larkfield Shopping Center (See TPW presentation above)
5. List of unmet needs projects for Larkfield/Mark West/Wikiup:
Would like to add a side walk extension on Wikiup Drive all the way to Carriage Lane.
Lamberson would like to add the Lavell Road flooding issue to the list. Presentation/Discussion next month.
Beth Henry will get list up on the website.

G) Correspondence: Information Only
1. Email from Sherwood, sent to Chairperson Fries, recusing himself from any Wikiup Open Space discussions
2. Letter to Chairperson Fies, from Friends of Wikiup: This item is removed from the agenda, at the request of the
person who originally requested that the letter be read.

H) Council Member Announcements and Disclosures: Information Only
1. Lamberson: Recognition of Rob and Stephanie Bisordi: They were presented with the Spirit of Sonoma Award,
for their Lunches for Life Savers project. The project they created to feed frontline workers at Sutter Hospital during
the pandemic. The Mark West Chamber gives a big shout out to these true community supporters.
For information: (707) 553-2982 Thankyou Rob and Stephanie.

I) Future Agenda Items: Potential projects for future meetings and suggestions for future MWCAC meetings.
1. Susan Sloan, COPE program in Wikiup (TBD)
2. Chamber presentation (TBD)
3. Presentation of Council Budget, Fies (July)
4. Possible speaker on home hardening and vegetation management (TBD)
5. Ann DuBay, Wallace Neighborhood: Putting together a neighborhood grant application (July)
(Update on how her neighborhood got money for their neighborhood.)
6. Discussion: Unmet Needs List, Updated by Sherwood and Lamberson (July)
7. Discussion: Two council members recused from Wikiup Open Space Discussions. Four required for votes. (July)
8. Possible presentation on redistricting supervisorial districts (TBD)

J) Adjournment: ACTION ITEM
There being no other business to discuss, on a motion by Lescure, seconded by Lamberson the meeting was
adjourned at 7:51 pm.
Approved Date: Chair
Hybrid Meetings Until Further Notice
Mark West School District Office, The Learning Center, 305 Mark West Springs Road, Santa Rosa
(NOTE: Location or time may change due to anticipated greater community participation.)
Be sure to check the MWCAC website for meeting agenda, location & time

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