Authority and Duties


Board of Supervisors June 14, 2016 Resolution Number 16-0231.


  1. Attend and participate in meetings of the MWCAC;
  2. Study and analyze appropriate material submitted;
  3. Keep the Fourth District Supervisor informed of any necessary planning-related issues;
  4. Serve on such subcommittees as may be designated by the MWCAC;
  5. Advise applicants of project issues and concerns;
  6. Vote on advisory recommendations or motions made by members of the MWCAC;
  7. Engage with community members to gauge community sentiment and learn of actual and potential issues confronting the community, and so she or he may raise these matters for the Council’s consideration.

Mark West Citizens Advisory Council

Jenny Chamberlain

4th District Director

Board of Supervisors

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