Independent Citizens Advisory Committee on Pension Matters

The goal of the Independent Citizens Pension Committee is to provide recommendations that will further the Boards efforts to ensure a more fair, equitable, and sustainable County pension system. The committee is intended to bolster community engagement, add insight and value to a challenging and complex process, and build an improved understanding for all parties.

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Pension Committee Report

Pension Committee Report June 2016.pdf(PDF: 4.9 MB)

The full report of the Independent Citizens Advisory Committee on Pension Matters addresses three main topics per their charter:

  1. evaluating the County’s progress towards achieving its stated pension reform goals;
  2. developing a brief summary of the County’s pension system and the roles and responsibilities of governing bodies; and
  3. developing and proposing additional pension reform recommendations for the Board’s consideration.  The Committee’s report communicates its members’ findings and recommendations culminating from their 9-month long effort to study, analyze, and evaluate the County’s pension reform efforts. 

The introductory sections of the Committee’s final report provide an overview of the how the County’s pension system works, its assessment of the County’s pension problem, and a recap of its charter from the Board of Supervisors.  The bulk of the Committee’s report discusses the County’s progress towards achieving the its aforementioned pension reform goals.  The Committee devoted separate sections in its report for discussing each of the reform strategies under each goal.  Each strategy section covers the following topics: County actions taken; impact to date; next steps for the County; the Committee’s findings; and lastly, the Committee’s recommendations.

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