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eADA Quiz Results - Winners Announced!

Published:  May 10, 2019

eADA logo with backgroundAt the 2019 Public Service Recognition Lunch on May 9, County employees took the time to take a short eADA quiz in exchange for 2 additional raffle tickets. Many thanks to all who participated!


We received 243 quizzes and we'd like to congratulate the winners!  Tied scores were drawn from a hat. Of the 21 points possible:

  • Allison Carr from HSD came in 1st place with 19 points
    • 2 others were tied for 1st place
  • Bruce Robbins from DHS is in 2nd place with 18 points 
    • 1 other was tied for 2nd place
  • Wendy Birkey from ISD won 3rd place with 17 points 
    • 2 others were tied for 3rd place

Your prizes will be sent to you via interoffice mail on Monday, May 13!

How Did You Do?

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  • Quizzes submitted without contact information were not reviewed
  • 1 point was credited for each correct answer
  • 1 point was removed for each incorrect answer marked as correct

Judging by the answers received, 2 answers were thrown out.  All quizzes were given credit for the following regardless of how it was answered:

Question 1: What does ADA Mean?

Answer Tossed Out: The County made it up.
Rationale: While we did make "eADA" up, others may have beat us to the punch.  We did not research the history of this acronym.

Question 2: When is alt text required?

Answer Tossed Out: When there are words in the image.
Rationale: While it is true that alt text is not required if the content exists adjacent to an image, WebAIM made clear in their recent training that it would be better to err on the side of too much alt text than too little.  Therefore, WebAIM recommended alt text for all images with words in the image.

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