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IOLERO Director Issues Recommendations on Sonoma County Sheriff's Office Immigration Policies 

Published:  March 30, 2017

The Director of IOLERO, Jerry Threet, issued a report recommending that the Sheriff’s Office further limit its cooperation with federal civil immigration enforcement, by changing its policies to prohibit cooperation with ICE, except where a non-citizen has been convicted within ten years of a designated serious or violent felony that evidences the individual’s risk to public safety in the County. This follows a similar recommendation by the IOLERO Community Advisory Council that resulted from a four month, community driven process. 

The Director's Recommendation follows four public meetings of the CAC, at which testimony was taken from Sheriff’s staff, as well as the public, including immigrant community members and those who provide services to them. The recommendations also are informed by multiple community meetings between the IOLERO Director and undocumented immigrants in various parts of Sonoma County. The recommendations are based on direct input from immigrants, from information collected at CAC meetings, from studies of how immigration enforcement affects local public safety, and on a careful consideration of the various interests that impact the policies in this area. 

Read the Director's Report and Community Advisory Council Recommendations


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