Legal Authority for the Independent Office of Law Enforcement Review and Outreach (IOLERO)

IOLERO was established by the Board of Supervisors through Ordinance No. 6174 in 2016. 

Download Ordinance 6174 governing IOLERO

Ordinance No. 6333 was effective December 8, 2020

Download Ordinance 6133 governing IOLERO

Through Ordinance No. 6333, IOLERO is authorized to:

  1. Provide objective and independent review of complaints against the Sheriff’s Office 
  2. Receive citizen complaints against the Sheriff’s Office and forward them to the Sheriff’s Office for review
  3. Advise if an investigation appears incomplete and propose further investigation 
  4. Propose policy and training recommendations to the Sheriff’s Office based on the complaints
  5. Increase transparency of law enforcement operations 
  6. Conduct outreach to the community 
  7. Produce a public report about the complaints and recommendations on a summary level. 
  8. Conduct independent investigations "[w]here, in the opinion of the director, the investigation of a complaint or incident by the sheriff-coroner is incomplete or otherwise deficient." (Sec. 2-394(b)(5))

IOLERO is not authorized to:

  1. Change the decisions made by the Sheriff’s Office
  2. Decide policies for the Sheriff’s Office
  3. Impose discipline on any Sheriff employee for any reason
  4. Interfere with the performance of the Sheriff’s Office

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