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Support for Foster Parents

Your Child's Team

Foster parents are part of a team caring for a foster child or youth. 

Child Welfare Professionals

Our staff partners with foster parents to ensure that the family and the foster child have the best experience possible. Each child is assigned to a social worker who visits regularly with the child and the foster parents. The social worker is also available by phone when needed. For more support, families may be referred to community resources and services. Learn more about the foster care team.

Foster Family Mentor

Every new foster family is assigned an experienced and trained foster parent mentor for support. Mentors advise on how to

  • navigate the child welfare system,
  • access services for the children in their care and
  • build a network of support through relationships with other foster parents.

Your Local Foster Parent Community

Local foster parents help each other with training, mentoring and support. They get together to discuss concerns and feedback about caring for their foster children.

Monthly trainings help foster parents continue to develop their skills in caring for foster children and youth.

Attendance at foster parent trainings and support groups go toward meeting the annual eight hours of training required by the state.

Members of the local nonprofit, the Redwood Empire Foster Parent Association (REFPA) provide mentoring and support for members and advocates in support of foster parents and the children in their care. Foster parents who join are eligible for additional respite care funds.

A Stipend for Care

Each month, foster parents receive funds from the state for providing homes for foster children and teens. Higher funding is provided when caring for children with special needs, such as medical or behavioral concerns. 

Foster parent also receive an initial clothing allowance for school-aged children.

Covering Medical Needs

Most foster children qualify for Medi-Cal health coverage, which pays for medical, dental, counseling and other health-related expenses.

Foster parents who are Kaiser members: ask the Kaiser Benefits Office about accepting Medi-Cal for a foster child.

Other foster children are covered by their birth parent’s insurance.

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