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Extraordinary Costs Program Guidelines

This program is intended to assist foster youth and families with extraordinary costs arising from needs that directly affect the youth and the cost for which is not covered by any other source.

Sonoma County foster youth with an open CPS case, school-age to 18 (or still in high school), may be eligible for assistance. This includes Sonoma County foster youth placed out of county and foster youth placed in Sonoma County from out of county.

Awards will be considered for financial assistance for items and services directly benefitting foster youth, which may include but are not limited to:

  • Medical: glasses, fitness
  • Dental: orthodontia (treatment plan must be included as part of documentation)
  • Mental Health: attachment therapy, art therapy, music therapy, equine therapy
  • Education: tuition, tutoring, books, school supplies, calculator, fieldtrips, driver’s education and Behind the Wheel classes
  • Enrichment activities: music, art, science, math, dance, sports, cheerleading, summer programs, camps
    • Extraordinary needs for foster families, especially cost associated with keeping siblings together

We require that you try alternative methods to fill the request first and attach written rejections of these funding requests to this application.

We do not reimburse for costs expended prior to request approval.

All applications must be filled out completely and approved by FY&C Social Worker or CASA. Medical, dental and mental health requests require FY&C Social Worker approval.

We make approvals on a case by case basis. All requests will be considered at an upcoming monthly Board meeting or by Board e-mail vote. A unanimous vote of the voting Board members is required for funding to be approved.

Once approved, we will write a check to the respective service provider directly. This program is subject to change by Board vote at any time.

Children's Village Extraordinary Costs Program Request Form(PDF: 97 kB)

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