Foster Care Protects Local Children

The County of Sonoma foster care program helps keep local children and youth safe and healthy. When children must be removed from unsafe homes due to abuse, neglect or abandonment, they are cared for by foster parents or in the County emergency shelter, the Valley of the Moon Children's Home.

Foster parents receive payment for the foster children in their care. Foster parents families include single adults, straight and gay couples, Spanish-speaking families, children's relatives, family friends and other approved caregivers.

There's an URGENT NEED for
More Caring Foster Parents

Through no fault of their own, each day between 50-75 Sonoma County foster children and teens need a safe place to live.

Most just need a temporary haven while their parents get help coping with the issues that created an unstable home.

Others are young adults trying to stand on their own two feet and just need a room to rent and some encouragement.

Some need a new forever family through adoption.

How children are treated in our community will shape their lives.

We need to show them kindness and give them faith in their futures.

By caring for a local foster child, foster parents enrich not only the child's life, but their own. 

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