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About Us

The Family, Youth and Children’s Division wants all Sonoma County children and teens to be safe, healthy and supported.

Our mission is to protect our youngest residents from abuse, neglect or parental abandonment. Its staff provide protective and supportive social services to help children and their families to create stable, nurturing homes, a caring, connected community, and a sense of personal empowerment and hope. 

Our programs and services include:

  • Child Protection Services to respond to and investigate reports to its 24/7 confidential hotline of abuse and neglect. 
  • Community Outreach Program staff members train the community and mandated reporters about how to prevent and report child abuse.
  • Foster care provides temporary shelter for children and youth moved from unsafe homes. Relatives and community caregivers are recruited to provide temporary foster homes since, once home is safe, children may be returned to their parents. For youth who cannot return home safely, permanent adoption may become an option.
  • Valley of the Moon Children’s Home is the temporary emergency shelter for children removed from unsafe homes. Children stay in this a stable, supportive, nurturing environment while a community foster home is arranged.
  • Redwood Children’s Center, located at the Family Justice Center, is a child- friendly environment where victims of child sexual abuse are interviewed by a team of professionals, eliminating the need for multiple separate interviews.

Contact Information

Family, Youth and Children's Services
Human Services Department

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Monday – Friday
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Phone Hours: 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

Child Protection Hotline 24/7:
(707) 565-4304

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1202 Apollo Way
Santa Rosa, CA 95407

Child Protection 24/7 Hotline

(707) 565-4304 / (800) 870-7064

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Your call makes a difference. Report concerns of abuse or neglect 24/7.