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It Pays to Work Calculator

You saw this calculator during your orientation session. It helps you gauge the total income you need to pay your bills and the impact on your income and benefits of taking a new job. Our staff may also use it when talking with you about a new job opportunity.

It Pays To Work!

To use the calculator:

  1. Enter your Family Unit Size. This is the number of people in your household including you. 
    For example, if you have two kids under 18, and you are the only parent, your Family Unit Size is 3. If you have one child who is 10 and one child who is 22, and you are the only parent, your Family Unit Size is 2.
  2. Enter your amount of Disability Based Income you get each month.
  3. Enter the Hourly Wage you’d get at the job you are considering (or already get).
  4. Enter the number of Hours Per Week you will work (or are working).
  5. Press Calculate.
  6. You will see the total amount of money per month you will receive before taxes.
  7. You will also see how much more money you would get per month with a job vs. how much you receive with SonomaWORKS aid.

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