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Frequently Asked Questions for IHSS Public Authority

IHSS Client FAQs

How do I find someone that I can hire to care for me?

Call the Registry at (707) 565-5700. You will be sent a list of screened IHSS caregivers to choose from.

Can I have more than one person as a Care Provider?

Yes. You can hire as many caregivers as needed, but they cannot be paid by IHSS to work more hours than authorized.

If my Care Provider doesn’t work all the hours I get in a month, are the hours added to the next month?

No. Monthly hours do not carry into the following month.

What should I do if my Care Provider asks me to sign an incomplete or blank time-sheet?

Never sign an incomplete or blank time-sheet. Tell your caregiver that you will sign only after the hours have been filled in completely.

Is my Care Provider required to work on Holidays?

Clients and caregivers arrange work schedules and days off. On holidays, the provider’s hourly pay stays the same as other days. If the provider doesn’t work a holiday, s/he is not paid.

What if my Care Provider isn’t doing a good job?

Get tips on working well with your caregiver in your Consumer Handbook. As the caregiver’s employer, we suggest that you discuss your concerns with the caregiver. Most are caring people who want to do a good job.
You can also end the work agreement and hire another caregiver. To find a new provider, call the Registry at (707) 565-5700.

My provider called in sick. Who can help me today?

If you have an urgent need that can’t wait for your provider to come back, call the Urgent Provider Program at (707) 565-5719, Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM. Call during other hours for a message on how to arrange for urgent assistance. 

I need my trees trimmed and help moving to a new home. Can my Care Provider do this?

No. IHSS caregivers can only perform tasks authorized by your Social Worker. IHSS cannot authorize jobs that place the provider at risk for injury.

Become a Care Provider FAQs

I was fingerprinted for another job. Can I use those records for IHSS?

No. Submit the fingerprint form so IHSS can get your new files.

How long until fingerprinting files get to your office?

It varies. The Department of Justice doesn’t give an estimate, nor can we speed up the process.

Is attending your orientation required?

Yes. You will complete enrollment, which starts the payroll process so you can be paid by IHSS.

I lost my Social Security card, but I know the number. Can I just tell you?

No. We need to copy your original card. You can replace it at the local Social Security office. We can’t issue time-sheets for payment until we copy your new card.

My government issued photo ID has expired. May I attend orientation?

Yes. We will copy your expired ID. However, do get a current photo ID at the local Department of Motor Vehicles. We can’t issue time-sheets for payment until we copy your new card.

Is it okay that the names on my Photo ID and Social Security don’t match?

No. The names must be the same. Apply for a new card(s) so they match.

I started working months ago when my client applied to IHSS. Will I receive back pay?

Yes, you can be paid back to the approval date listed on your client’s Notice of Action document.

Can my 14-year-old grandchild be my IHSS care provider?

Yes. However, minors need a legal Work Permit from their school or school district office.

All Care Providers

How do I get more client referrals? When should I check in with the Registry?

Update your availability with the Registry anytime, including if your schedule if full. Check in monthly to confirm your work schedule.

Does the Registry guarantee me work?

No. The Registry is a referral service for clients, not an employment agency for caregivers. Clients interview and choose their own care providers from the Registry list.

My client is in the hospital. Can I get temporary work?

Yes. Call the Registry anytime you have hours available. Other clients may need temporary assistance when caregivers take vacation.

Care Provider Payroll FAQs

When will I get my first time-sheets?

Time sheets are mailed 2-3 weeks after we receive all your documents.

Why are my time-sheets and checks sometimes late?

Mail can be delayed 2-3 business days when there is a holiday. You can limit the delay by signing up for e-timesheets online and requesting direct deposit into your bank account.

When moved, I put a forwarding address at the post office. Why didn’t I get my IHSS check?

IHSS mail cannot be forwarded. Complete a change of address form for IHSS Payroll to ensure you get mail from us.

Why are no taxes taken from my check?

You must submit a W-4 Form when you get your payroll packet for taxes to be taken out. You can change the number of deductions you claim anytime you re-submit that form.

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