IHSS PA consumer handbook

Important Information Regarding the IHSS Program

In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) are provided to help a person remain SAFELY in his or her own home and to prevent that person from being placed in an institution. Authorized services are to be performed ONLY for you and not for family members or guests. If you are away from home due to hospitalization, no payment will be made for work done during your absence from your home. Some points to remember:

  •  Any activity not specifically authorized by the Notice of Action will not be covered under Worker’s Compensation. If the care provider is injured while performing a task not allowed in the agreement, you can be held liable.
  • If your care provider is injured on the job, s/he should call Payroll at (707) 565-2852 and report the injury. The care provider is eligible for Worker’s Compensation.
  • ALL accidents that occur while a care provider is performing an authorized task must be reported immediately to IHSS Payroll at (707) 565-2852.
  • If you have received an “Explanation of IHSS SOC” letter concerning your share of cost and you refuse to meet your share of cost obligation, you will not be eligible for referrals from the Registry. 
  • Any changes in your employment situation, such as the hiring or firing of your care provider, must be reported immediately to IHSS Payroll at (707) 565-2852.
  • You MUST report any changes in your living arrangements, such as number of persons in the home, change of address, change in physical or mental condition, change in income, resources or marital status, or entry into a care facility, to the IHSS social worker at (707) 565-5900.
  • Work permits for care providers under age 18 must be obtained from a school before they perform any work. The permit should be retained by you, the employer.
  • Any private arrangement made between you and the care provider to pay more than the rate authorized by this agreement, or to perform tasks not authorized by IHSS, is between you and the care provider and is not the responsibility of the IHSS Program or the IHSS Public Authority Registry.
  • It is unlawful and fraud if you and/or your care provider sign timesheets for more than the hours actually worked, or for days and times the care provider did not work.

Report to the Registry about Your Referred Care Provider

The Registry is interested in how well care providers are doing. Please report any problems you have with your Registry referred care provider to the Registry. A Registry Coordinator will note your complaint and follow up with the care provider as necessary. Although you are the employer, responsible for taking corrective action with your employee, the Registry is interested in knowing about a poorly performing care provider. The Registry can remove a poorly performing care provider from the Registry based on IHSS consumer/recipient complaints.

If Your Care Provider is Unexpectedly Absent from Work

When your care provider is unexpectedly absent from work due to sickness or an emergency, you may be able to wait for some types of help until the care provider returns to work. However, you may be particularly fragile or disabled and so unable to wait for the care provider to return. You may need urgent services that you cannot do for yourself. In these circumstances, you may need to ask relatives, friends, or neighbors for help.

If  no one else can help you, call the Urgent Substitute Care Provider Program at (707) 565-5719 to learn if you are eligible for a short-term, replacement care provider. For details, visit our Steps to Hire Caregiver web page.

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