IHSS PA consumer handbook

Hiring a Care Provider

If you hire a care provider referred by the Registry, notify the Registry at (707) 565-5700. Your referred care provider should have a document called a Provider Enrollment Agreement, or the Registry will send one to the provider. Fill it out together, and mail it to the IHSS Public Authority.

If you hire a care provider not referred by the Registry, call IHSS Payroll at (707) 565-2852 to have a Provider Enrollment Agreement sent to your care provider.

Please note that:

Once your care provider begins working, you are responsible for completing the enrollment process and signing their completed time sheets. Even if you dismiss the care provider later, you are responsible ensuring that the care provider is paid for hours worked.

Do not have your care provider work for you, and then decide not to enroll them. This is an unfair labor practice as the care provider will not get paid for work they have done.

Developing a Work Agreement

A clear understanding of job duties and work schedule from the beginning of employment can reduce the likelihood of conflict and misunderstanding. When you put that understanding in writing, you have a “Work Agreement” or “Contract.”

Sample Contract

We agree that the following expectations and agreed upon terms will be followed mutually:

  • The care provider will arrive on schedule and the consumer will be there.
  • If the care provider is going to be late or cannot work at a regularly scheduled time, s/he will notify the consumer as soon as possible and, if possible, work out a make-up time.
  • If the consumer must cancel, s/he will notify the care provider as soon as possible and, if possible, work out a make-up time.
  • The care provider will work the agreed upon number of hours/days, and the consumer will not request extra unpaid time.
  • All jobs on the task list will be done well and efficiently completed by the care provider.
  • The consumer will not ask that unreasonable tasks be done or set unreasonably high standards.
  • Both persons will keep confidentiality.
  • Required paperwork and time sheets will be completed and submitted promptly by the person(s) responsible.

Consumer Name, Consumer Signature, Date

Care Provider Name, Care Provider Signature, Date

Supervising Your Care Provider

Supervision includes praise, accountability, good communication and record keeping. It is important that you do as much as you can for yourself, as your IHSS care provider is assigned to do the things you cannot do.

You may want to post the main list of your needs – the job description – on the refrigerator.

If you want certain things done in a specific way, write them down and post them in convenient places like the bathroom or kitchen. This makes communication and supervision easier.

Remember that it is not important that all tasks are always done exactly the way in which you would do them. There are many ways to do things. This can be a cooperative effort.

Supervision and Communication

  • Sometimes people find it difficult to be in charge.Remember you are the employer.
  • Clearly explain what you want, and what it is that you expect. Open communication avoids a lot of problems.
  • Give clear instructions and give training where needed.
  • Make a mutually agreed upon work schedule
  • Have a calendar available so the care provider can record the hours worked at the end of each work day.
  • Encourage your employee to ask questions if they are not sure of something that might be important to you.
  • Your care provider should know that you will be checking to see if the tasks you agreed upon are accomplished.As a general rule, daily duties should be checked twice a month, and weekly duties checked once a month.
  • Although it may be difficult to comment on performance, “be up front” and do this regularly.
  • Give praise and correction when it is needed.
  • Being respectful of your care provider encourages them to be respectful of you.
  • Avoid confusing the employer-employee relationship with friendship, as this makes supervision much more difficult.
  • If your care provider has to leave your employment, and you have become close, be aware that you might feel a real loss.Know that there are others out there waiting to help you. 

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