IHSS PA consumer handbook

Consumer Handbook

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Most elderly and disabled In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) recipients (consumers) prefer to stay independent in their own homes for as long as possible. They want to as stay in control of their lives as possible while living in their homes or apartments among familiar surroundings and friends.

Sometimes, additional help at home is needed in order to achieve this goal. This handbook provides information about hiring someone to help you at home. It will introduce you to the IHSS Public Authority Registry, which can help refer you to local, approved IHSS PA care providers that you may wish to hire. It also contains information about interviewing, hiring, supervising and dismissing care providers.

Who is the IHSS Care Provider’s Employer?

The IHSS recipient (the consumer) is the employer for the purpose of selecting, hiring, supervising, training and firing an IHSS care provider. As the employer, you must sign the care provider’s timesheet to authorize payroll and must pay your share of cost if you have one.

The IHSS Public Authority is the employer for the purpose of collective bargaining with the union representing IHSS care providers.

The State of California is the employer for the purpose of paying for IHSS hours worked and providing Disability, Unemployment and Worker’s Compensation Insurance.

What to Do First: Define the Job/Tasks

Review the services authorized by your IHSS social worker. These services and your allocated hours are included in your “Notice Of Action.” Authorized services can include such things as laundry, shopping, bathing, dressing, meal preparation, feeding, assistance with transfers, accompaniment to medical appointments and protective supervision. The “Notice of Action” defines the tasks you need done and can serve as a job description for a prospective care provider.

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