Chapter 6: Time Sheets and  Paychecks

Once you have been hired and have sent your enrollment forms to In-Home Support Services Payroll, Payroll will send you a time sheet in the mail. Complete a time sheet at the end of each pay period. Both you and the consumer must sign and date the time sheet, and it must be mailed to the address printed on the time sheet.

Normally, your paycheck is mailed to you within five business days from the date IHSS Payroll receives the completed time sheet. A time sheet for the next pay period is attached to each paycheck. Your first paycheck for services provided to a new consumer may take three to six weeks to arrive from the time you began the payroll enrollment process. Once you complete the enrollment process, you will be sent the time sheets needed to catch up to the current pay period.

Deductions are made from your paycheck to cover Social Security (FICA), Medicare and State Disability Insurance (SDI) benefits, if you are eligible for these. The State also provides you with Unemployment Insurance and Worker’s Compensation benefits. Generally, you must have federal income taxes withheld from your pay, so fill out an IRS W-4 form stating your number of dependents and allowances, and the amount of taxes you would like withheld. (Note: You can state an additional amount you would like withheld.)

Deductions for union dues are also made from your paycheck in the first time sheet of the month after you have worked 15 or more hours per month.

What is a Pay Period?

In-Home Support Services pay periods run from the first of the month through the 15th and from the 16th through the last day of the month.

Filling Out Your Time Sheet

Your regular time sheet is printed by a computer and should have the following information already printed on it:

  1. The number of hours authorized by IHSS to the recipient (consumer). [The time sheet for the first half of the month shows the hours for the whole month. The hours shown on the time sheet for the second half of the month are the total hours for the month minus what you were paid in the first half of the month. If you are not the consumer’s only care provider, this may not accurately show the hours left to pay.]
  2. The name and address of both you and the consumer.
  3. The dates of the pay period (including month and year) and the number of hours you are authorized to work in that pay period. (See #1)
  4. Any reduction in your check because of a prior overpayment.
  5. The address of IHSS Payroll and the caseload number of the consumer’s IHSS social worker.
  6. Always fill out and sign the timesheet with black pen only; pencil or other colored ink is not allowed.
  7. Don’t fix mistakes with correction fluid (white out). Cross out the mistake, write in the correct information, and ask the consumer to initial the correction.
  8. Fill in the number of hours you worked each day of the pay period using hours and minutes (00:00).
  9. It is fraud for you or the consumer to submit a time sheet showing more hours than you actually worked.
  10. When you have accurately filled in the hours and minutes for each day you worked, turn over the time sheet so both you and your consumer may sign and date in the designated boxes.
  11. Once signed and dated, place time sheet in the envelope provided, and mail to the pre-printed address on the envelope in Chico, CA. If the envelope is lost, look for the Chico address just above the signature boxes on the backside of the time sheet.

If your address changes, call Sonoma County In-Home Support Services payroll to report the change.

Common Time Sheet Mistakes

  • Information is left out or incomplete.
  • The time sheet is not signed by both you and the consumer.
  • You used a pencil to fill out or sign the time sheet. Use a black pen only.
  • The numbers cannot be read.
  • You covered a mistake with correction fluid (white out). Cross out mistakes and have the consumer initial any correction.
  • The total on the time sheet is more than the remaining authorized hours
  • The total you wrote on the time sheet is incorrect.
  • Time sheet information was torn off when the pay stub (the upper part of the form) was detached. Payroll needs the section with the consumer and provider names.
  • You sent your time sheet in before the last day worked in the pay period. Mail the time sheet only after you have worked your last day of the pay period.
  • You claimed more hours than were authorized for payment.

Keep Track of Hours Worked

We recommend that you and the consumer record the hours you worked on a calendar or schedule each day to prevent confusion over when you worked.

Make sure you do not work more than the number of hours you are authorized to be paid for by the IHSS program.

Replacing Lost or Missing Time Sheets

If the end of a pay period arrives and you don’t have a timesheet, call IHSS Payroll and request one.

Getting Your Paycheck

Your first paycheck can take from three to six weeks to arrive from the time you start the enrollment process. Once IHSS receives your enrollment form and verifies your information with the Social Security office, time sheets are mailed to you, usually within two business days. Payroll will send you as many time sheets as you need to get caught up. Payroll inputs time sheets the same day received or the next day (unless your time sheet is not completed correctly).

If your time sheet has errors or is incomplete, your check may be delayed. Your time sheet will take longer to process and may be returned to you to re-do. (It will be returned to you if it is not signed by both you and the consumer). Be sure to read the information Payroll sends you with your initial time sheet for directions about filling out the time sheet correctly.

Your paycheck is mailed from the State Controller’s Office in Sacramento two business days after Payroll inputs your time sheet in the computer. (Saturdays, Sundays and holidays are not business days). If you lose your check or do not receive it within 10 business days from the date you submitted your timesheet, call Payroll at (707) 565-2852.

When the Consumer Pays You Directly

Some IHSS consumers pay a Share of Cost (SOC), a co-pay for services. The consumer may have to pay that directly to you. If that happens, the Share of Cost amount is deducted from the check you receive from the State since the consumer is paying that part of your wages. When that happens, the State will send letters to you and the consumer telling you exactly how much Share of Cost was deducted. Wait until the letter arrives to know the exact amount the consumer must pay you he State mails the letters the next business day after your time sheet is input in the computer. The consumer pays you the Share of Cost amount shown.

You must claim ALL the hours worked on your time sheet, including the SOC hours. SOC hours are paid at the same rate as your other hours; however, the consumer will pay you at the net rate (hourly rate less withholdings), because IHSS withholds Social Security (FICA), Medicare and State Disability Insurance (SDI). The SOC hours are included in your gross earnings, and the deductions listed above are taken out of the whole amount you earned, SOC and non-SOC hours combined. If you have income tax withheld, it is also taken out of the whole amount

Find out the consumer’s correct IHSS Share of Cost to be sure you receive the correct amount. This is important because the SOC will be reported on your annual W-2 as part of your income, and you will be taxed on it, whether you received the money or not.

A few IHSS consumers receive payment in advance, so pay the care provider directly. Payment is at the net rate because IHSS withholds the payroll deductions. If this applies to you, you will be notified by Payroll.

Frequently Asked Questions

I sent my time sheet, but I haven’t gotten my check. When will I get my paycheck?

Once your time sheet is received and processed in payroll, the information is sent electronically to Sacramento where paychecks are cut and mailed to you. Allow at least ten (10) working days to receive your paycheck.If the 15th or the last day of the month falls on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday, time sheets will be processed the next working day.

I mailed in my time sheet, but I forgot to sign it. What will happen?

Your time sheet will be mailed back to you for you to sign and return. Your time sheet cannot be processed without your signature.

I mailed in my time sheet, but I forgot to fill in my hours. What will happen?

A new one will be mailed to you for you to complete and return. Your time sheet cannot be processed without the hours filled in.

I mailed in my time sheet, but my consumer forgot to sign it. What will happen?

Your time sheet will be mailed to you so you can have the consumer sign it. Your time sheet cannot be processed without the consumer’s signature

I worked more hours this pay period than I was paid for. Why did this happen? Will I be paid for the rest of the hours I worked?

Each consumer is assessed by a Social Worker to determine his/her eligibility for In-Home Support Services. A care provider can be paid only for the number of hours per month for which the consumer has been approved. If you submit a time sheet claiming more hours beyond the number authorized, you will not be paid for the additional hours. It is your responsibility to ask your consumer about any changes in authorized hours. If the consumer’s needs have increased, a reassessment has been done by an IHSS Social Worker. That change in hours notification is sent to the consumer. If you believe a mistake was made, call your Payroll clerk and ask to have your time sheet checked.

If your consumer has more than one provider, you each must share the consumer’s authorized hours. Make sure the consumer keeps track of the hours all providers are working.

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