Chapter 2: The Registry

The Registry is a referral and support service for IHSS consumers who seek care providers. This involves a number of different tasks. The Registry:

  • Maintains a computerized listing of screened care providers.
  • Provides potential care providers orientation to the IHSS program and the duties and responsibilities of the IHSS care provider.
  • Screens care providers applying to the Registry through criminal background checks, personal and work reference checks and applicant interviews. 
  • Approves care providers for the Registry who have successfully gone through orientation and screening.

An IHSS Consumer can request a referral for a Registry Care provider by:

  • Calling the Registry at (707) 565-5700 and speaking to a Registry Coordinator.
  • Calling the assigned IHSS Social Worker at (707) 565-5900 to request a care provider referral from the Registry. 

Become a Care Provider on the Registry

In order to become a Registry care provider, you must have previously enrolled through the state mandates and become an eligible IHSS care provider. Once you are eligible, you can apply to the Registry. Individuals applying for work as care providers will find the Registry and the IHSS Public Authority to be an important asset in obtaining work and improving job skills. Once you are listed on the Registry, we provide In-home Support Services Consumers with In-home Support Services care provider referrals.

Steps to Become a Care Provider

Application Procedure

  • Once you become an eligible IHSS provider, you can obtain a Registry application by calling (707) 565-5700 or pick one up at Adult & Aging Division, First Floor, 3725 Westwind Boulevard, Santa Rosa. Complete and sign the application. Return it to the In-home Support Services Public Authority in person or by mail. Once an application is received and reviewed, the applicant will be contacted and scheduled for an orientation.
  • Please note: Your signature on this application authorizes the  Public Authority to request further criminal background checks and a re-check of your Social Security number. The results of the criminal background check may be shared with IHSS, and prospective and present employers.

Intake Procedure

  • All applicants are required to go through a Registry orientation, personal interview and questionnaire. 
  • During the interview, applicants will complete the intake procedure which includes:
    • Verification of your legal right to work: proof of citizenship or any other legal document authorizing work in the United States (Green Card or Work Permit from the Immigration Department).
    • Showing a picture identification and valid Social Security card.
    • Providing a minimum of one personal and two work references, including names and telephone numbers of the individuals, and signing an authorization to allow previous employers to release information to the In-home Support Services Public Authority.
    • Providing proof of a valid driver’s license and current insurance, if care provider indicates a willingness to provide transportation services using his/her own vehicle.

Approval for the Registry:

Individuals approved for the Registry will receive a letter in the Registry care provider acceptance packet. Those who are not approved will receive a letter of notifying them that they are not approved.

What must I do to remain on the Registry?

Every month, all care providers must call the Registry staff regarding their work availability. If the care provider does not contact the Registry staff every month as required, the care provider may be removed from the Registry.

The care provider must also contact the Registry staff if the following situations arise:

  • Change of care provider address or telephone number.
  • Changes in availability for work or work preferences (e.g., change in available hours, when a job has ended, when s/he becomes available for new or additional work assignments).

Contact Information

Adult and Aging Division
Human Services Department
Business Hours
Monday – Friday
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
3725 Westwind Boulevard
First Floor
Santa Rosa, CA 95403
38.510185, -122.796579