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Current Ad Hoc Committees

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  • The Community Advocacy Process ad hoc committee was formed to clarify the responsibilities and processes of the Commission on Human Rights in responding to concerns raised by County residents, and to ensure that the public is clear on how the Commission on Human Rights is able to be an advocate and resource in such cases.

  • The Commission on Human Rights Immigrants' Rights ad hoc committee was founded to advance the goal of protecting the rights of all immigrants in Sonoma County.

  • The Commission on Human Rights made the commitment to develop a youth mentorship program in the form of a Junior Commission on Human Rights. The experience of working on the Junior Commission will encourage participants to be involved in the day-to-day issues that affect their community, and expand the boundaries of their individual and collective exploration of the meaning and impact of human rights.

  • The Commission on Human Rights LGBTQI ad hoc committee was formed in June 2014 to create a conversation with LGBTQI leaders and community representatives to discuss the ways in which the community can be better served and better represented.

  • The Commission on Human Rights People with Disabilities ad hoc committee's purpose is to raise awareness on issues affecting people with disabilities, by partnering with other groups and individuals in the community to increase awareness and search for solutions.

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