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The Home Sonoma County Leadership Council is the primary decision-making body for the Sonoma County homeless system of care. The Sonoma County Community Development Commission (CDC), the current CoC lead agency, will serve as the interim lead agency until the Leadership Council officially selects an entity to serve as the lead agency.


The county’s homeless system of care’s primary collective-impact decision-making group will be called the Homeless System of Care Leadership Council. This body will serve as the county’s Continuum of Care Board, a HUD requirement. The CoC Program interim rule requires every CoC to establish a board to act on behalf of the Continuum. The board will be a subset of the membership that is established in accordance with the CoC regulations governing board composition. The CoC assigns the Board responsibilities in a written agreement called a Governance Charter.


Board of Supervisors, Item #27 October 9, 2018 Homeless Update and System Redesign


The Leadership Council's responsibilities are to:

  • Serve as Sonoma County’s HUD-required Continuum of Care Board
  • Support the vision and principles of the Sonoma County Homeless System of Care
  • Own the issue of homelessness within the county and be widely recognized as the owner of the issue
  • Provide the leadership required to realign homelessness-related funding and policies throughout the county
  • Establish a Housing First strategy
  • Approve best practices and monitor their adherence
  • Represent by rural and urban communities
  • Approve and monitor standard performance outcomes
  • Establish policy related to achieving functional zero homelessness in Sonoma County
  • Focus on high-level decisions, not technical aspects of issues related to homelessness
  • Approve the submission of applications to Notices of Funding Availability (NOFAs) published by HUD
  • Establish Sonoma County’s homelessness funding priorities and make funding-related decisions.

Membership Term

The Leadership Council members will serve a two-year term with no term limits.

Contact Information

Michael Gause,, (707) 565-1977, 1440 Guerneville Road, Santa Rosa, CA 95403

Membership Composition

 Member NameRepresenting  AppointmentTerm Expires
Ernesto OlivaresCouncil Member, City of Santa Rosa

City Council Item #11.1.9 

Susan Gorin Supervisor, County of Sonoma Summ Act #27; 10/9/201811/13/2020
Lynda Hopkins Supervisor, County of Sonoma  Summ Act #27; 10/9/201811/13/2020
Gabe Kearney Council Member, City of Petaluma  Summ Act #27; 10/9/201811/13/2020
Mark KrugBusiness Development Manager, Burbank Housing  Summ Act #27; 10/9/201811/13/2020
David Kuskie Peer Support Specialist/Formerly Homeless Veteran, Department of Veteran Affairs  Summ Act #27; 10/9/201811/13/2020
Rebekah Sammet Formerly Homeless Representative  Summ Act #27; 10/9/201811/13/2020
Don Schwartz Assistant City Manager, City of Rohnert Park Summ Act #27; 10/9/201811/13/2020
Tom Schwedhelm (Chair) Council Member, City of Santa Rosa City Council Item #11.1.9

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Michael Gause

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Sonoma County Community Development Commission

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