Our Mission

The Historical Records Commission promotes the preservation of historical records. Our duties are to:

  • Review and make recommendations regarding the designation of archival status of records to the Board of Supervisors to approve retention schedules developed by the County of Sonoma
  • Identify and encourage the preservation, conservation and use of additional governmental, business, professional and private records deemed historically significant
  • Encourage historical and genealogical societies, professional associations, private researchers and students to participate in the detailed research involved in preserving historical records
  • Promote the preservation, conservation and use of historical records through newspaper articles, internet/social media, events, television interviews, presentations to civic groups, preparation of pamphlets and posters, and the establishment of specialized advisory groups
  • Establish and maintain liaisons with interested stakeholders and parties with similar purposes
  • Seek outside funding for activities that promote the preservation, conservation and use of historical records
  • Encourage historical records preservation, conservation and use by endorsing relevant activities of historical societies, civic groups and commission, schools, etc.
  • Conduct such additional activities that foster and promote the preservation, conservation and use of historical records (e.g. research grants)

Contact Information

Secretary of the Commission
Historical Records Commission
County of Sonoma
Business Hours
Monday – Friday
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
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Mailing Address

Sonoma County Historical Records Commission

585 Fiscal Drive, Rm 103

Santa Rosa, CA 95403

Meeting Location:

Currently Virtual, link posted with Agenda

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