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Ranch Readiness Day Supports Community, Sonoma County Animal Services

Santa Rosa, CA  –  April 24, 2017  –  Sonoma County Animal Services is partnering with HALTER (Horse & Livestock Team Emergency Response) Project for this year’s Ranch Readiness Day. Sponsorships from the event will be directed to Animal Services’ “Animals in Emergency and Disasters” and “Large Animal Rescue” funds which support training and preparation of shelter and field staff to respond to animals and the community during emergencies and disasters.

Ranch Readiness Day (, which began in 2014, will connect educators and Northern California’s pet owners and anyone handling horses or livestock for business or pleasure. The goal of the event is to engage rural residents, farmers and ranchers, equine facility managers, boarders, and backyard animal owners in trainings to best prepare them for an emergency or disaster. It is the only Bay Area preparedness event that includes types of all animals and connects first responders, law enforcement, and animal welfare organizations. The event will include resources, demonstrations, speakers and stories. 

“This event helps raise awareness so the community can be best prepared when disaster strikes. We are grateful for the Halter Fund for being an important partner in disaster preparedness,” stated Sonoma County Board of Supervisors Chair Shirlee Zane. “Preparation and planning ahead of time can minimize the uncertainty in the wake of an emergency and helps us to be reunited with our animals.”

Animal Services coordinates and supports emergency and disaster response efforts throughout Sonoma County and surrounding counties. In recent years Animal Services has increased their focus on being well-planned, trained and resourced to respond to emergencies and disasters when they occur. 

Events like Ranch Readiness Day help community members be similarly prepared. Sonoma County Animal Services Director John Skeel explains that, “Ensuring our community has access to training and resources for emergency and disaster preparation, gives us the best opportunity to respond quickly and safely and to protect the well-being of animals and people in our community.” 

This is a free community event being held at the Saralee & Richard’s Barn at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds and Event Center in Santa Rosa on Sunday April 30, from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

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