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Published:  June 28, 2016

Dog with American flag in the backgroundJuly 4th fireworks are a “blast” for people, but they’re terrifying for pets. Shelters like ours fill up after fireworks events because animals--terrified by the noise--flee in order to try to escape. Confused, they may hide (cats) or be unable to find their way home and end up at the shelter or hit by a car.

Please don't let this happen to your pet. Sonoma County Animal Services reminds you to keep your pet safe and secure in a quiet indoor space during fireworks. “White noise” such as a fan or radio can help drown out explosive noises and help keep your pet calm. Be sure your pet is wearing ID tags and is microchipped.

View our Lost and Found pets page for info about how to find your missing pet. Includes list of animal shelters.

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Annual Report

Annual Report

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2016 Annual Report
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