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Cart Mobile Food Facility Permit Requirements:

  1. Submit plans of cart with required fee to Environmental Health. Fill out Plan Check Application and submit with applicable Checklist. See checklist below for items required on plans. Refer to Plumbing Diagram Example for plumbing requirements.
  2. Once plans are approved and cart is constructed to plans, fill out Mobile Permit Application Packet for permit.
  3. Once application packet is approved, inspection will be conducted to ensure cart meets approved plans.
  4. Permitted cart must be stored at and work in conjunction with an approved commissary.
  5. If parked longer than one hour, cart must have a restroom agreement and approval from the local Zoning/Building Department.




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The California Retail Food Code

CalCode establishes uniform statewide health and sanitation standards for retail food facilities.

Marine Biotoxin Monitoring Reports

Marine Biotoxin Monitoring Reports


The California Dept. of Public Health monitors the water along the California coast to provide information on the safety of eating shellfish.