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  • Health facts and information about blue-green algae (aka cyanobacteria), a normal inhabitant of many water environments.
  • Body art facilities must obtain a health permit and practitioners must register to provide body art services in Sonoma County.

  • Environmental Health will be issuing health permits, providing inspection services, and conducting other educational and enforcement activities for edible cannabis product manufacturing sites, and for cannabis dispensaries.

  • CLPP employs a team of health professionals who provide lead-poisoning prevention services to parents, healthcare providers, and the general public.

  • Many temporary food facilities use commissary kitchens, and must submit a completed commissary agreement with their permit application.
  • A community event organizer permit is needed if your community event is two or more days in length and includes two or more food vendors who are selling or giving away food or beverages, including samples.

  • Environmental drilling is required for investigation and cleanup of contaminated sites. Various agencies may have jurisdiction over these investigations and cleanups. Environmental drilling is also conducted for Real Estate Phase 2 environmental assessments. In accordance with the Sonoma County well ordinance, environmental drilling permits for these activities are issued by the Sonoma County Department of Health Services.

  • If you want a permit to sell food at a farmers market you will need a Temporary Food Facility Permit. A permit is required for each point of sale location operating at the same time.
  • Environmental Health and Safety performs more than 5,000 health inspections at over 3,500 retail food facilities throughout Sonoma County. These inspections are conducted to ensure that food served to the public is safe and in accordance with the California Health and Safety Code.
  • Whether you are building a new restaurant from the ground up or purchasing an existing restaurant, you need a food facility operating permit. These are the steps to take for your business to get on its way!
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Current Fee Schedule

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Fees for Fiscal Year 2021-2022 for all Environmental Health programs

Food Safety During Power Shutdown

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Food Safety

Food Safety During Power Shutdown for Retail Food Facilities

Report a Complaint, Hazard or Nuisance

Sonoma County Cannabis Permits and Inspections

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Sonoma County Cannabis Program

Permits and inspections for cannabis dispensaries and edible product manufacturing.

Public Records Requests

Public Records Requests
Most Environmental Health records are available electronically and you may search our database via the Public Access Viewer.