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By using this app, you are helping Sonoma County’s Department of Health keep the community safe from COVID-19. You will help give County health officials information they need to make decisionsin order for the Countytoreopenand remain open in a responsible way and work to revitalize our economy and mitigate risk.


This app will help you complete a daily survey of COVID-19 symptoms before going to work. It will also inform you about best practices for hand washing, social distancing, quarantining, monitoring symptoms, and disinfecting surfaces. Finally, it will help you access trusted information and guidance about COVID-19.

Information Sharing

This app does not collect or store any information that could identify you. It also does not track your location. The app will ask you whether you have come into contact with someone with COVID-19 or are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19. It will also ask you for some basic non-identifiable information such as the industry you work in and an age range. It will not collect any information other than your responses to its questions. The app aggregates the responses from all users and reports them to Sonoma County health officials. The limited information collected will be stored for only 45 days in keeping with expert recommendations from the Center for American Progress on national and state plans to end the coronavirus crisis. The County uses the information to understand whether efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19 are working. The app gives all information on a population level and does not report on individuals. No information will be used or shared for any commercial purposes.

Not Medical Advice

This app does not give medical advice. If you need medical advice, contact your health care provider or call 911 in an emergency.

Help us reduce the spread of Covid-19 by taking this quick, daily survey before going to work.  Sonoma County’s Department of Health is asking employees to self-assess symptoms associated with Covid-19 each day in a survey that takes less than one minute.  This is part of the County’s approach to protecting employees in the workplace and our community.   Your participation will help us reopen the County in a responsible way as we work to revitalize our economy and mitigate risk.  

Because your privacy is very important to us we will not be asking for any personally identifiable information in this app.  Nor does the app use location tracking or collect any information other than survey responses. This app is for the benefit of Sonoma County residents and health officials only and no information will be used or shared for any commercial purposes. 

The app is intended to help employees determine if they may have symptoms related to Covid-19 before going to work.  It is not intended to give medical advice.  If you need medical advice, please contact your primary care physician or visit the CDC website at: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/

There are two parts to the app:

Employee Survey
Answer a few questions about symptoms and contact you’ve had with those who might have the disease. And then get specific recommendations based on the Sonoma County Public Health guidelines, such as to practice social distancing, talk to a doctor, or return to work.

News Feed
Provides up-to-date local information from trusted sources about the Coronavirus disease and its impact in Sonoma County, California. There will also be helpful feeds about topics such as appropriate face coverings, hand washing, and disinfecting surfaces.   

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