Forms and Materials
for Behavioral Health Contractors

Forms and other materials for use by organizations that contract with Behavioral Health.

For All Contractors

For Medi-Cal Contractors Only

Client Episode Admission - Electronic MHS 149 (05-17) (PDF: 318 kB)
Legend (MS Word: 186 kB)

Client Episode Discharge - Electronic MHS 150 (05-17) (PDF: 186 kB)
Legend (MS Word: 26 kB)

Client Service Information (CSI) Annual Update MHS 111 (03-17) (MS Word: 22 kB)
Legend (PDF: 318 kB)

Documentation and Scope of Practice Guidelines (PDF: 191 kB)

Provider Self-Authorizer Requirements (MS Word: 125 kB)

Exhibit A - Medi-Cal Contracts FY 14-15 (MS Word: 60 kB)

Exhibit A - Medi-Cal Scope of Work FY 14-15 Additional Goals Form (MS Word: 39 kB)

Location of Service Definitions (PDF: 129 kB)

NOABD Service Denial Notice
English |  Spanish (MS Word: 70 and 82 kB)

NOABD Payment Denial Notice
English |  Spanish (MS Word: 67 and 70 kB)

NOABD Delivery System Notice
English |  Spanish (MS Word: 64 and 64 kB)

NOABD Modification Notice
English |  Spanish (MS Word: 64 and 65 kB)

NOABD Termination Notice
English |  Spanish (MS Word: 63 and 65 kB)

NOABD Authorization Delay Notice
English |  Spanish (MS Word: 76 and 78 kB)

NOABD Timely Access Notice
English |  Spanish (MS Word: 60 and 63 kB)

Medi-Cal Informing Materials

Medi-Cal Location Lockouts MHS 151 (04-15) (MS Word: 29 kB)

Medi-Cal Mental Health Provider Credentialing Procedure (PDF: 93 kB)

Medi-Cal Outcomes Quarterly Report FY 14-15 (MS Word: 37 kB)
Email to BHquarterlyreports@sonoma-county.org

Mental Health Cost Report Fiscal Year 2020/21
CBO Cost Report Instructions(PDF: 330 kB)
Cost Report Checklist and Certification(PDF: 125 kB)
CBO Cost Report(MS Excel: 42 kB)

Mental Health Services Invoice and Service Log/Directions/Example and Staff List (MS Excel: 64 kB)

Payor Financial Information (PFI) MHS 107 118 (02-04)
English | Spanish (MS Word: 76 kB)

Residential Facility Invoice and Census and Staff List (MS Excel: 25 kB)

Staff Number Request Form (MS Word: 86 kB)

Substance Use Disorder Invoice (Excel: 14 kB)

For MHSA Contractors Only

For Board & Care/Long Term Care Contractors Only

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