Mental Health Crisis Services

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Our mental health professionals provide services that offer a comprehensive response to crisis that may occur in the community.

24-Hour Crisis Stabilization Unit

Our Crisis Stabilization Unit (CSU) provides 24 hour-a-day, 7 day-a-week crisis intervention, assessment, medication, and up to 23 hours of supportive care for individuals in an acute mental health crisis.

Services are available for children, youth, adults, and their families.

Referrals are made to Crisis Residential Services or inpatient mental health facilities for those needing a higher level of psychiatric inpatient care.

(707) 576-8181

Crisis Stabilization Unit
2225 Challenger Way
Santa Rosa, CA 95407
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24-Hour Suicide Prevention Hotline


Our suicide prevention hotline is available to any Sonoma County resident who needs help. The hotline is a vital resource to any family member, loved one, friend or ally who may be worried about someone who may be suicidal.

(855) 587-6373

The 24-hour toll-free hotline is administered by the North Bay Suicide Prevention Program of Buckelew Programs.

Funded by the Mental Health Services Act

This program receives funding through the voter-approved Mental Health Services Act (Prop. 63). MHSA funding provides a broad continuum of prevention, early intervention and services, and the necessary infrastructure, technology and training elements to effectively support our local mental health services system.

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Crisis Residential Services

Contracted through Progress Foundation, the program provides around-the-clock treatment for people experiencing an acute mental health crisis. Services are voluntary.

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2227 Capricorn Way

Suite 207

Santa Rosa, CA 95407

Mental Health Hotlines

24-hour Access Line

(707) 565-6900
(800) 870-8786

24-Hour Crisis Services

(707) 576-8181
Crisis Stabilization Unit
2225 Challenger Way, Santa Rosa

24-hour Suicide Prevention

(855) 587-6373

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