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Our community cares a great deal about animals, and many people are interested in better understanding the more than 3,000 animals who come through the doors of Sonoma County Animal Services each year.

We care for the neediest animals in our community: those who are injured, abused, neglected, surrendered by their owners for a variety of reasons, abandoned, and lost. The data posted at SoCoData provides real-time updates on animals coming into and leaving our shelter. If you need help navigating and finding the intake and outcome information at this site, please call our office for a brief tutorial.

If you are looking for information beyond what is available at SoCoData, contact us to submit a public records request. 

Live Release Rates July 1, 2018-June 30, 2019

The Live Release Rate is the percentage of animals leaving the shelter alive. Live Release Rates are calculated using the formula: Total Live Outcomes = (Adoptions + Transfers + RTO)/(Total Outcomes).

Return to Owner (RTO) rates are calculated using the formula: Outcome RTO/(Confiscated + Stray + Transfer + Quarantine).


 Release TypeNumber of DogsRelease Rate 
 Adopted284 19% 
 Returned to Owner 83057% 
 Transferred to Another Organization 344 24%
 Totals1458 100% 

Out of 1,615 dogs that came to our shelter, 90% were adopted, returned to owner or transferred.


 Release TypeNumber of CatsRelease Rate 
Returned to Owner10713%
Transferred to Another Organization304 36%

Out of 1,302 cats that came to our shelter, 82% were adopted, returned to owner or transferred.

Intake and Outcome Summary July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2019

Intakes are how our animals come to us. Outcomes are how animals left the shelter.

Data for previous years can be found on our archives page.

SCAS Intakes and Outcomes Report FY18-19

Intake TypeNumber of Dogs Number of Cats 
 Born in shelter 1513 
 Confiscated 20613 
 Owner Surrender 121 201
 Returned Adoption 30 16
 Stray 1193 765
 Transferred In 7 15
 Quarantined 43 9
 Total Intakes 1,615 1,032
 Outcome TypeNumber of Dogs Number of Cats 
 Adoptions284 440 
Returned to Owner 830 107 
Transferred to Other Organization 344 304 
Humanely Euthanized 137 161 
Died in the Shelter 32 
Escaped or Stolen 
Total Outcomes 1601 1044 

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Annual Report

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