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Love Me, Fix Me 

Our Love Me, Fix Me (LMFM) program offers low-cost spay/neuter vouchers for qualifying low-income pet owners. This program aims to remove barriers to spaying and neutering pets and ensure that all Sonoma County residents have access to affordable spay/neuter services.

A LMFM voucher for your dog or cat includes:

  • Spay or neuter surgery
  • Microchip (if needed)
  • Vaccinations (if needed)

Please note: we only issue up to two vouchers per household per year. If you need additional spay/neuter assistance, please call (707) 565-7100 or send an email to theanimalshelter@sonoma-county.org to see if you qualify for one of our other programs.

How to Qualify

Love Me, Fix Me qualification is income-based. All of the following is required when applying:

  • Government issued identification, such as a driver's license/identification card, passport or green card.
  • Proof of Sonoma County residency, such as a utility bill or current piece of mail that shows your name and address. Often, documentation for one of the below services will show your name and physical address and can be used for both proof of residence and low income.
  • Proof of low income using one of the two options below. If you are basing qualification on the second option, last year's tax return is the most efficient documentation to upload (only the first page is necessary).
  • For dog owners, if you live in one of our jurisdictions, a current license is required to receive a voucher.

There are two options for proof for low income:

1. You or another person in your household is participating in one of these assistance programs:

  • CalFresh/Food Stamps
  • SonomaWorks/CalWorks/TANF
  • WIC
  • Free or Reduced Lunch
  • Medi-CA
  • AT&T Lifeline

Proof of participation is required with your application.

2. The combined gross income of all household members does not exceed the “very low income” limitations by household size below:

2020 State Income Limits

1 Person2 Persons3 Persons4 Persons5 Persons6 Persons7 Persons8 Persons

Proof of income (last year's tax return, or if not available, three-months of pay stubs from all jobs for all wage earners) is required with your application. Social security benefit letters, W-2s, bank statements, and pay stubs for a single wage earner in a multi-adult household may not considered sufficient proof of income.

How to Apply

  1. Review the qualification requirements.
  2. Fill out the Love Me, Fix Me web form in English or Spanish
    • Have qualifying documentation ready for upload by scanning or taking a picture using your smart phone
    • Purchase a dog license (if needed)
  3. OR If you are unable to fill out the application and upload documentation online, send an email to LMFM@sonoma-county.org or call (707) 565-7100 to receive an application by mail.
    • Return the application and requested documentation to Sonoma County Animal Services:
    • By email: theanimalshelter@sonoma-county.org, or
    • By fax: (707) 565-7112, or
    • By mail: Love Me, Fix Me, Sonoma County Animal Services, 1247 Century Court, Santa Rosa, CA 95403
    • Purchase a dog license (if needed)

    Approved applicants will receive by email or mail the voucher(s) and a list of our participating local veterinarians.

    Please note: qualifying applicants will be contacted by email or phone if more information is needed or if any requirements are missing. If there is no response within 30-days, the application will be denied. If you still wish to receive a voucher, you will need to reapply with the appropriate documentation. Applying using number 3 above and/or not providing all requested documentation will significantly delay the approval process. If vouchers are issued due to fraudulent information, you will no longer be eligible for this program.

    Co-pay Fees Per Voucher

    Cat spay/neuter surgery: $40

    Dog spay/neuter surgery: $50 + $27 license fee (if applicable) due to Sonoma County Animal Services before vouchers are issued

      Co-pays are due at the time of surgery.


        Please contact us at (707) 565-7100 or email theanimalshelter@sonoma-county.org.

        Love Me, Fix Me Veterinary Partner Program

        Are you a veterinarian  interested in giving back to your community through our spay/neuter voucher program? Participation in the LMFM Veterinary Partner Program is open to all animal clinics and hospitals in Sonoma County. For more details or to join the Veterinary Partner Program, please call (707) 565-5403.

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        *Dispatch is unable to answer financial questions. For assistance regarding licensing, billing and collection proceedings, please call during our phone hours to speak with customer relations staff. Due to high call volumes, there may be longer hold times; we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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        Annual Report

        Annual Report

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        2016 Annual Report
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