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Report a Barking Dog

Who Do I Call?

The location of the barking dog determines who you need to call to report a barking dog.

Santa Rosa, Windsor, and Unincorporated Sonoma County

Sonoma County Animal Services
(707) 565-7100

When you call, please be prepared to provide your name and the exact street address of the dog's residence. We will send a letter advising the dog owner of the ordinance against permitting a dog to bark in a way that limits the reasonable comfort of the community, offering guidance for rectifying the situation, and specifying possible consequences of non-compliance with the ordinance.


Cloverdale Police Department
(707) 894-2150


Cotati Police Department
(707) 792-4611


Healdsburg Police Department
(707) 431-3346


Petaluma Animal Services
(707) 778-4396 or (707) 778-4397

Rohnert Park

 Rohnert Park Police Department
(707) 584-2600


Sebastopol Police Department
(707) 829-4400

Contact Information

Business Hours
*Dispatch hours 8:00–5:30
Closed to public
Tuesday – Saturday
Adoption hours Temporarily Closed
Shelter hours 12:00 – 5:30 PM
Phones open at 9:00 AM
*Dispatch hours 8:00–5:30

*Dispatch is unable to answer financial questions. For assistance regarding licensing, billing and collection proceedings, please call during our phone hours to speak with customer relations staff.

Contact us by Phone
Sonoma County Animal Services
1247 Century Ct
Santa Rosa, CA 95403

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Annual Report

Annual Report

Our 2016 Annual Report can be downloaded or read on our website.

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2016 Annual Report
Read our annual report on our website