Play it Safe During Heat

Published:  September 5, 2017

Keeping your pet safe is important year-round and especially during heat waves. Here are some helpful tips that could save a pet's life: 

  • Pets can become dehydrated quickly so provide plenty of fresh, clean water
  • If your companion is outdoors, make sure they have a cool, shaded area to escape the heat
  • Every year dogs suffer heat stroke and die when left in parked cars. Leaving windows down and parking in the shade is NOT enough to prevent this. Never leave your animal alone in a parked vehicle.
  • Watch of signs of overheating (excessive panting, increased heart and respiratory rate, weakness or collapse). Call your veterinarian immediately if you notice these symptoms.
  • Be careful on asphalt. Not only can the heat of the asphalt heat up your pet (who is closer to the ground than you), but their sensitive pads on their paws can burn.
  • Limit exercise and activities to cooler times of day.
  • Check with your veterinarian on the best ways to cool and care for your companion during the heat.

More tips on keeping your pet healthy and safe in hot weather can be found on the AVMA website or the ASPCA's page.

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