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The Field of Dreams to Become a Reality

Latest Project Updates - April 18, 2018

Our work on the Field of Dreams has begun! Just when we were slated to begin work in October 2017, our focus dramatically shifted to the fire response. Now that we’ve moved into the recovery phase, we have also spent the last month finalizing our plans, contractors and initial timeline for the project!

  • Earlier this month, we began to pull out some of the fencing in our play yard area and remove the larger shade structures and equipment in our play yards to make space for our contractors to begin work.
  • Then we piled the pea gravel for easy removal that currently carpets the majority of the play yards.
  • The gravel was removed on April 9th, clearing the way for re-building to begin.
  • Our local utility companies have returned to mark up our work area so we can work safely.
  • Next steps: rebuilding! The re-build phase in both the play yards and the new Meet & Greet area start later this month with new fencing, concrete curbing and landscaping. In May, we’ll install the synthetic turf in our longest play yard for better year-round access!

Stay tuned for more updates and photos of our progress!

Field of Dreams gravel being removed April 2018 480
Field of Dreams, gravel being removed, April 2018

Field of Dreams after gravel was removed April 2018 480
Field of Dreams after gravel and structures removed, April 2018

Your Gift Matters

Your tax-deductible donation will help rebuild and maintain our play yards! A year-round play and socialization space will give our dogs a greater quality of life and increase their chances for adoption. This project includes a weatherized surface, K-9 grass, fencing and landscape repairs, irrigation, a group play area and an inviting new Meet and Greet area for potential adoptions!

Help us make this Field of Dreams a reality for those who need it the most by donating today!

Donate to Animal Services

We are so grateful for all our supporters! A special Thank You goes out to Western Farm Center and their generous customers who raised over $20,000 for the Field of Dreams!

Western Farm Center
21 W. 7th St., Santa Rosa
(707) 545-0721

Things We All Need to Thrive



SCAS feeds and cares for thousands of animals every year — over half of which are dogs.


Dogs need to play in order to socialize, learn manners, feel good and stay happy and healthy. Play is essential to their emotional well-being. A healthy and relaxed dog has a much better chance at adoption.


On average, dogs will stay at SCAS almost 40 days. Some stay much longer. We make a point of giving our animals regular access to the outdoors.


SCAS is the largest animal shelter in Sonoma County. Our staff and volunteers go out of their way to ensure animals who arrive at our shelter feel safe, happy and loved. A large suitable space for our dogs to run around will help make this easier.

Current Conditions


The project will refurbish dog play yards, including:

  • new dog-friendly bark surfacing
  • fence repairs
  • K-9 grass
  • landscaping and irrigation
  • a new, welcoming Meet and Greet area where dogs can be their true adoptable selves.

Our Plan


red-paw.jpgThis new Meet and Greet area will be outside, under the canopy of two large redwoods. It will be a much calmer and more pleasant experience for potential adopters.

blue-paw.jpgThe current outdoor yard is not adaptable to weather conditions. In summer weather the gravel is hot and unpleasant for dogs and volunteers, while wet weather brings the mud. The plan calls for Woof Fiber, a bark that is functional year-round.

yellow-paw.jpgThe current yards are dog-tired. Field of Dreams will not only benefit the dogs, but also be appreciated by the dedicated staff and volunteers.

green-paw.jpgThe new yards are designed to accommodate group play. Shelter studies consistently show that play groups increase canine health, emotional well-being and adoptability.


3,278 Animals

cared for at Sonoma County Animal Shelter in 2015 - 1,878 were dogs.

39 Days

average length of stay for an adopted dog. Large dogs, senior dogs or those with medical conditions can stay much longer.


needed to make the Field of Dreams a reality. 

0 Animals

turned away by SCAS. If you live in Santa Rosa, Windsor or the unincorporated area of Sonoma County, SCAS is your animal shelter and we need your help.

Donate to Animal Services

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*Dispatch Hours 8:00–5:30

*Dispatch is unable to answer financial questions. For assistance regarding licensing, billing and collection proceedings, please call during our phone hours to speak with customer relations staff. Due to high call volumes, there may be longer hold times; we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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