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We are launching a series of classes designed for work teams. Sign-up for the class with 2 to 4 co-workers and apply what you are learning in the class during the class. You will leave with useful tools and templates to use in your workplace.

Effective Problem-Solving: Assemble a group of folks who are looking for a creative solution to a shared issue or problem and sign-up for this class. During this day-long class you will learn and apply a problem-solving process that will lead to a solution your team can agree on and implement back at the office.

Successful Organizational Change: Your team will learn the Kotter model for implementing successful organizational change, assess your unit or department’s readiness for change, examine best practices in communication, and learn a variety of methods for working with resistant staff.  Take this class prior to a big change in your department to improve your chance of success.  

Building High Performing Teams: Assess your team on the five dimensions of a cohesive team: trust, healthy conflict, commitment, accountability, and focus on results. You will learn ways to improve trust and psychological safety to create an environment where conflicts can be surfaced and addressed. Identify expectations for working together as a team and learn tips for improving team meetings, communication, and accountability.

Introduction to Process Improvement: This class is your team’s opportunity to learn the basics of process improvement and decide if it’s the direction for your department. We will review the stages of successful process improvement and the tools and techniques that support its application. You will practice several common and useful PI tools that you can use right away. And you will take decision-making tools back to work to decide if your unit or department should implement process improvement.

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