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Organizational Development Assistance for Departments

Organizational Development Consultant Use Instructions

It's easy for departments to access Organizational Development services.

Organizational Development consultants work with County department management teams to improve systems and processes. Their work ranges from facilitating a task force to overseeing strategic planning processes to coaching executives.

Departments access organizational development services under contracts that Workforce Development (WD) has with local Organizational Development (OD) providers.

Here's how to do it:

  1. Submit a request for Organizational Development Services (PDF: 151 kB).  Briefly explain the need and the desired outcomes in contracting for OD Services. Be sure to indicate if there are any performance management issues underlying the issue. If you know of an OD consultant under contract to WD that you want to work with, please provide that information. 

  2. Once the request is approved, the WD analyst will contact the Department to gather additional information to complete the Statement of Work and share names of potential consultants who possess the required skills. 

  3. The Department is responsible for contacting the potential consultants, describing the need and desired outcomes, and selecting a consultant. Typically the consultant will send the Department a proposal of the intervention with tasks, outcomes, timeline, and budget.  This document should be shared with WD.

  4. The WD analyst will incorporate information from the original request along with the consultant's proposal into a Statement of Work. WD will ensure that all parties sign this Statement of Work. 

  5. The Department and consultant may begin working together pending final execution of the Statement of Work as soon as WD has approved the initial OD request.

  6. The OD consultant is directed to invoice the Department directly and copy WD so that we can track contract expenditures. All payments to the consultant are the responsibility of the Department. 

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