• Liability & Insurance

Insurance Requirements for Contracts & Agreements

The County protects its assets by requiring insurance for most types of agreements (Service Contracts, Construction Contracts, Leases, License Agreements, Permits, MOUs, Grants, Funding Agreements, etc.).

These requirements have been designed as templates, which should be saved and attached to the contract as an exhibit.

To begin, select the appropriate contract type from the matrix below.

  • Airplane taking off into sunset

    Agreements involving the Airport

  • Auto-195

    Agreements involving the repair, maintenance, customization, towing, or storage of automobiles.

  • Construction-195

    Public Works, Infrastructure, Construction or renovation of buildings and structures

    Road and Bridge Work

    Encroachments within the Right-of-Way

  • Consulting-195

    Consulting and Professional Services e.g. counselors, engineers, architects, surveyors, attorneys, environmental, technology professionals, etc.

  • FairFerrisWheel-195


    Service Agreements for Events

    Construction, Maintenance, Service, and Consulting Agreements (not related to specific events)

  • Funding Types Grants Subsidiaries Credit Donations Savings

    Funding Agreements


  • Stethoscope on a USA flag 120x120



  • Instructors-195

    At County facility or off-site

  • License Agreement-195

    Leases, licenses, and other agreements for use of County premises.

  • Permits-195

    Permit Issued - Marathons, bike races, fairs, festivals, film, photography, etc.

    Encroachments within the Right-of-Way

  • Purchase Order-195

    Purchase Orders

    Blanket Purchase Orders

  • FemalePlumber-195

    Repair and Maintenance, e.g. plumbing, electrical, landscaping, painting, etc. 

    Environmental: Removal, handle, treat, store or transport hazardous materials

  • PalletofSupplies-195

    Installed by Vendor

    Not installed by vendor