Employee Relations

Employee Relations Policy

Board of Supervisors Resolution #NAP 250, DR74460, 74461
Issue Date: June 14, 1983

Table of Contents

Article I - General Provisions

Section 1. Purpose
Section 2. Definitions

Article II - Representation Proceedings

Section 3. Filing of Recognition Petition by Employee Organization
Section 4. County Response to Recognition Petition
Section 5. Open Period for Filing Challenging Petition
Section 6. Election Procedure
Section 7. Procedure for Decertification of Recognized Employee Organization
Section 8. Policy and Standards for Determination of Appropriate Units
Section 9. Procedure for Modification of Established Appropriate Units
Section 10. Appeals

Article III - Administration

Section 11. Submission of current information by Recognized Employee Organizations
Section 12. Payroll Deductions on Behalf of Employee Organizations
Section 13. Employee Organization Activities - Use of County Resources
Section 14. Administrative Rules and Procedures

Article IV - Impasse Procedures

Section 15. Initiation of Impasse Procedures
Section 16. Impasse Procedures
Section 17. Costs of Impasse Procedures

Article V - Miscellaneous Provisions

Section 18. Construction
Section 19. Employee Rights
Section 20. County Rights
Section 21. Severability

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