Engineers & Scientists of California

2019 - 2023 ESC
Memorandum of Understanding:  
Article 23: Enactment

Article 23: Enactment

The Board of Supervisors will amend its written policies and take other action by resolution or otherwise in order to give full force and effect to this Memorandum. The below representatives agree to recommend the implementation of this Memorandum.

County of Sonoma

/s/ Jeremie Jenkins
Jeremie Jenkins

/s/ Robert Gonzales
Robert Gonzales

/s/ Cheryl Enold
Cheryl Enold

/s/ Heather Coffman
Heather Coffman

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/s/ Lis Fiekowsky
Lis Fiekowsky

/s/ Jonathan Akre
Jonathan Akre

/s/ Thomas Cooper
Thomas Cooper

/s/ Gabriel Felix
Gabriel Felix

/s/ Christine Dunia
Christine Dunia

/s/ Jennifer Keegan
Jennifer Keegan

/s/ Darcy Bering
Darcy Bering

/s/ Jennifer Law
Jennifer Law

/s/ Natalie Rogers
Natalie Rogers

/s/ Rebecca Purcell
Rebecca Purcell

/s/ Todd Hart
Todd Hart

/s/ Elizabeth Jackson
Elizabeth Jackson

/s/ Patricia Thomas
Patricia Thomas

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(Signed Documents on File with Employee Relations)

Contact Information

Human Resources Department
Business Hours
Monday – Friday
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Contact us by Phone
575 Administration Drive
Room 116 B
Santa Rosa, CA 95403
38.465237, -122.725363

Labor Negotiation Updates

Bargaining Unit Contacts

Lis Fiekowsky
Labor Representative
Phone: (510) 238-8320
Cell: (510) 637-8407

810 Clay Street         
Oakland,  CA  94607-3908

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