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Schools of Hope Testimonials

Please consider the following comments from County employees who have tutored in this program:

“The best part of being part of this program is not only giving the student that little extra help but receiving the gift of knowing that you are helping a child grow. I had two wonderful little girls one of them was extremely shy and by the end of our short time together she was telling me about her weekend and birthday party. That alone was a great gift because she had come out of her shell and was now sharing her happy times with me. That was a great gift to me and I would encourage others to take part in this great opportunity to not only to help better the life of a child but also to enrich your own.”
Silvia Floriano, Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office

 “I enjoy seeing the light go ‘on’ in her eyes when she identifies a word or reads sentences. She feels successful, and that’s the best gift she could give!”
Carole Cooper, LAFCO

“My first grade student, Jesus, is a bright, happy guy, and the ½ hour sessions go really quickly for both of us. We are working the whole time, but I feel like we barely get settled in when our time is over! Sharing the time with another County employee has worked well as we’re able to swap or cover each other to make sure Jesus doesn’t miss out!”
Christine Williams, Probation Department

“My favorite thing about tutoring is how special my student feels with the one-to-one attention – she really beams as she runs across the playground on our day and time.”
Tammy Larimore, Human Services

“Schools of Hope is a great way to share my love of reading with a young person, to hopefully introduce them to a world of adventures and ideas and pass on to her an idea I was raised on, that with a good book, you will never be bored.  If I can do anything to help even one person experience a lifetime of literacy, reading, the power of the written word, then I am drawing from my own passion for such to make a difference. That’s what it’s all about!”
Melanie Griffin, Probation

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