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Equal Employment Opportunity Utilization Report

Introductory Information

Equal Employment Opportunity Plans:

As a recipient of Department of Justice (DOJ) funding, we are required to submit an Equal Employment Opportunity Plan (EEOP) to the DOJ.

An EEO Plan is a comprehensive document that analyzes the relevant labor market data and employment practices to identify possible barriers to the participation of women and minorities in all levels of the County of Sonoma’s workforce. Its purpose is to ensure the opportunity for full and equal participation of men and women in the workplace, regardless of race, color, or national origin.

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Policy Statement:

The County of Sonoma will take appropriate neutral steps to maximize the employment opportunities of individuals in historically disadvantaged groups whose representation in the County work force is less than could reasonably be expected given their availability in the area labor force.

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Narrative of Interpretation

The County of Sonoma’s Equal Employment Opportunity Manager, in consultation with the County’s Recruitment & Classification Manager, reviewed the Utilization Analysis (comparing the County’s workforce to the relevant labor market), and noted the following:

  1. White males were significantly under-represented in the following job categories: Professionals (-13%), and Administrative Support (-17%).
  2. Hispanic or Latino males were significantly under-represented in the following job categories: Administrative Support (- 5%), and Skilled Craft (-19%).
  3. Asian males were under-represented in the following job categories: Technicians (-4%), and Administrative Support (- 1%).
  4. White and Hispanic or Latino females were significantly under-represented in the following job category: Service/Maintenance (-17%, -12%).
  5. Asian females were under-represented in the following job category: Technicians (-2%).

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Objective and Steps

1.1 To encourage minority and female candidates to apply for vacancies in under-represented job categories.

  1. Continue to review underutilization recruitment and selection data to administer equal employment opportunity plan. Identify trainee and entry-level job classification that may provide additional opportunities for minority and female candidates and develop recruitment plans that would target underutilized populations.
  2. Collect and analyze applicant data for each open recruitment. Develop a specified marketing plan for underutilized populations.
  3. Determine whether any step in the recruitment and selection process for positions may have a significant impact on screening out minorities and females and based on results, will consider modifying its candidate selection process.
  4. Conduct a more detailed workforce analysis to identify particular County departments, offices, or job positions that represent significant underutilization of minorities and females in these job categories. Based on the results of the analysis, as well as other data collected, create a recruitment action plan.

2.2 Expand use of non-mainstream advertisement, specialty and minority trade associations and internet forums to outreach to a diversified population.

  1. Develop marketing plans to include non-traditional and specialty trade associations.
  2. Use social media to reach a broader, more diverse selection of applicants.
  3. Target advertisement with the intent to attract more underutilized applicants.

3. Perform community outreach at local job fairs, high schools, colleges, and universities highlighting the career opportunities available for minorities and female candidates in non-traditional occupations.

  1. Develop an outreach calendar to promote the County of Sonoma as an employer of choice. Team with local schools, colleges, and universities to encourage underutilized populations to apply for non-tradition occupations.

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Internal Dissemination

  1. Post a copy of the Equal Employment Opportunity Plan (EEOP) on the County’s website.
  2. Post a copy of the EEOP on employee notice boards in all County Departments.
  3. Send an email to all employees with an electronic copy of the EEOP and to let them know that a hard copy is available on request.
  4. Include a copy of the EEOP among the materials displayed in the lobby of the Human Resources Department.

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External Dissemination

  1. Post a copy of the Equal Employment Opportunity Plan (EEOP) on the County’s website.
  2. Include a copy of the EEOP among the materials displayed in the lobby of the Human Resources Department.
  3. All job announcements will include a link to the Human Resources website where the EEOP will be posted.

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Utilization Analysis Chart

Significant Underutilization Chart

Final Certification

I understand the regulatory obligation under 28 C.F.R. ~ 42.301-.308 to collect and maintain extensive employment data by race, national origin, and sex, even though our organization may not use all of this data in completing the EEO Utilization Report.

I have reviewed the foregoing EEO Utilization Report and certify the accuracy of the reported workforce data and our organization's employment policies.

Certified As Final By: Victorial Willard
Equal Employment Opportunity Officer

February 16, 2018

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Contact Information

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EEO/ADA Division

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