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Divisions & Units of the Human Resources Department

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  • The Benefits Unit of the Human Resources for the County of Sonoma  provides comprehensive benefits to eligible employees, retirees and their dependents through strategic planning, negotiation and implementation of County benefit programs. Benefits include: Medical, dental, and vision plan options; Life & disability insurance; Health and dependent care reimbursement accounts; Patient advocacy; Staff development and wellness programs; and Employee assistance plans.

  • The Disability Management Unit assists employees and departments through active case management, education, and early intervention to minimize the impact of absence and disability, in accordance with Federal and State laws, County policies, and Memoranda of Understanding.

  • Central volunteer program for departments to recruit and the public to engage with the County. Employee programs that engage them with other departments and community needs. Recognition of volunteers and employees through a variety of events and programs. County of Sonoma, Employee & Volunteer Engagement & Recognition Human Resources, California

  • The Employee Relations Division of the Human Resources Department is responsible for the negotiation and production of numerous Union Contracts or Memorandums of Understanding (MOU), Association Agreements and the Salary Resolution for Unclassified Service.

  • The Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) / Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Public Access Division of the Human Resources Department for the County of Sonoma, California, is committed to ensuring equal employment opportunity for those in the service of the County and equal access for all persons to the goods and services offered by the County of Sonoma. 

  • The Liability & Insurance Unit provides claims administration, risk mitigation, and insurance services to County of Sonoma departments, agencies and districts.

  • Our division's primary responsibilities include: Conducting recruitment and examinations, Background checks, Reference checks, Oversight of the Civil Service Rules, General employment practices, Performance management, Classification, Compensation of new job classifications, Organization review and restructure, Position control, Staffing reduction and layoff administration, Temporary service staffing.

  • The Occupational Safety and Health Unit develops, facilitates and promotes Countywide safety and loss prevention programs for County departments as statutorily required by State and Federal OSHA regulations.  Key objectives are statutory compliance, loss prevention, and risk control of workers compensation costs, as well as, other expenses associated with occupational injury and illness.

  • Workforce Development partners with County of Sonoma employees in helping you develop the skills and competencies for successful job performance and meaningful careers. 

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