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Maintain – Don’t Gain Campaign 2015

Published:  November 20, 2015

Plates full of vegetablesIt’s that time of year when you and your family are inspired to cook your favorite comfort foods or sweet treats. But these high-calorie dishes can add up to holiday love handles. Thankfully, there are a few simple tricks to turn any traditional recipe into a lower-calorie health food that’s still delicious.

Here are some easy ways to give your homemade dishes a healthy makeover. Try these out to help you manage your weight – all season long.

Go low. Swap low or nonfat Greek yogurt for sour cream in dips, appetizers, and casseroles. Also, instead of full-fat cheeses, choose low-fat cheese.

Bring backup. Be sure to bring your favorite healthy dish to the party. That way, if you don’t see anything healthy to eat, you’ve got your dish to help you stay on track.

Brighten up. Replace one heavy starch dish with a fresh, bright vegetable dish – such as mixed greens or roasted asparagus.

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