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Dental coverage is an important part of your benefits package and regular dental care is key to your overall health. The County is pleased to offer Delta Dental PPO as your dental plan option.

The Delta Dental PPO Network is available nationwide and allows you the freedom to visit any licensed dentist or specialist of your choice. Participating dentists have agreed to accept pre-negotiated fees for dental procedures, and are prohibited from billing a patient above the predetermined amount (balance billing). This arrangement results in protection and savings for patients.

Note: Dentistry has changed in recent years and continues to change on a regular basis. Much of this change is due to new materials, new technology, and new scientific discoveries, as well as changes in the way dentists run their practices. It’s the dentist’s responsibility to inform the patient about all of the reasonable and appropriate services that are available, regardless of the patient’s dental coverage. It’s the patient’s responsibility to ask the right questions about these options and treatment.

Smiling mouth at dentistAlways request a pre-treatment estimate from your dentist. Provide this predetermination of benefits to Delta Dental before having major dental work done. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! Do not agree to any treatment unless you fully understand what condition is being treated, why it is being treated, and the costs of that treatment. 

    Group Number and Customer Service

    Delta Dental PPO Group #: 3126-0224

    To learn more about Delta Dental, visit or call (800) 765-6003

    Benefits Overview


    Delta Dental PPO Rates

    Delta Dental Plan Options

    Premium Rates for Delta Dental PPO

    Payroll premium deductions for eligible full-time employees’ dental coverage vary based on bargaining unit, as noted in the table below. The County contribution for dental coverage provided to eligible part-time employees is prorated.

    Rates for each formula and the bargaining units it applies to are listed below. 

    Bargaining Unit: ESC, Local 39, SCLEA, SCLEMA, SCPDIA

    Semi-Monthly Employee Contributions are currently suspended for Local 39, SCLEA, SCLEMA and SCPDIA.  Refer to Memorandum of Understanding currently in effect for your employee group. 

    Semi-Monthly Employee Contribution Semi-Monthly County Contribution Total Semi-Monthly Premium Rates
    $13.04 $46.08$59.12

    Bargaining Unit: WCE

    Semi-Monthly Employee Contributions are currently suspended.  Refer to Memorandum of Understanding currently in effect for your employee group. 

    Semi-Monthly Employee Contribution Semi-Monthly County Contribution Total Semi-Monthly Premium Rates
    $25.00 $34.12$59.12

    Bargaining Units: All (Except ESC, Local 39, SCLEA, SCLEMA, SCPDIA and WCE

    Semi-Monthly Employee Contributions are currently suspended.  Refer to Memorandum of Understanding or Salary Resolution in effect for your employee group.

    Semi-Monthly Employee ContributionSemi-Monthly County ContributionTotal Semi-Monthly Premium Rates

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    Delta Dental PPO Benefit Highlights

    Bargain Units: All 

    Dental Services Benefit
    Delta Dental PPO Group #3126-0224
    Diagnostic & Preventive Plan pays 80% of allowable charges; an extra annual dental exam and
    cleaning is included during pregnancy
    Basic Dental Services Plan pays 80% of allowable charges
    Crowns, & Cast Restoration Plan pays 80% of allowable charges
    Prosthodontics Plan pays 80% of allowable charges; coverage for implants is included
    under the plan
    Orthodontics Plan pays 50% of allowable charges; up to a lifetime maximum of $6,000 per member
    Deductible $0
    Calendar Year Maximum Dental Benefit $3,000 per person per calendar year; Diagnostic and Preventative benefits are exempt from the calendar year maximum only when received from a Delta Dental PPO provider.

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    Combined Evidence of Coverage and Disclosure Form (EOC)

    Member Benefits and Tools

    Where's my ID card?

    If you’ve been looking for your dental plan ID card, we have good news for you: You don’t need one!

    When you visit the dentist, simply tell the dental office staff that you are covered by Delta Dental. You will need to provide the following information:

    • Your name
    • Your date of birth
    • Your social security number (or enrollee ID number)

    If you are covered through your employer, you may also be asked the name of your company. Family members covered under your plan will be required to provide your details.

    Go to, and log in to Online Services. (Click Register to sign up if you haven’t already.) Click on My ID card in the left column. A new window with your ID card should pop up, which you can print out for your records. (If nothing happens, check whether your browser is blocking pop-ups.)

    Go to, log in to your account and select My ID card from the main menu. You can pull up this electronic ID card at your dental office.

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