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Connect with your co-workers through the Commute with Enterprise Vanpool Program, the upgraded version of carpooling.

County employees will have the option to use pre-tax income, using My Commuter Check, to pay for monthly vanpool costs. Enterprise will help vanpoolers sign up for a monthly subsidy of up to $350 available through the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) program.

Vanpool pricing is dependent on the size of the vehicle, number of participants, fuel cost, and length of commute. This option includes a recent model car with low mileage SUVs and vans, comprehensive insurance, maintenance, and roadside assistance. Employees will pay through the My Commuter Check online portal.

It is important to note that Vanpools are not considered work vehicles, and participating employees are not acting within the course and scope of their employment while commuting.  Time spent commuting will not be counted towards work hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost to join a vanpool and what discounts are available?

Vanpool pricing is dependent on the size of the vehicle, number of participants, fuel cost, and length of commute.  Each vanpool, regardless of employer, is eligible for a monthly subsidy of up to $350 from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) as long as the trips begin or end in one of the nine Bay Area counties, vanpools maintain a 50% occupancy rate, and participants agree to submit daily ridership data via a mobile phone app. 

Employees can use pre-tax income to pay the vanpool provider, Commute with Enterprise, directly through My Commuter Check’s DirectPay option.

How are fuel costs handled?

Since you’re sharing a ride to work, you’ll save money by splitting the cost of gas with your crew. Most Commute with Enterprise groups use the Enterprise Fuel Card Program, which is accepted at most major gas stations.

How do I get grouped into an Enterprise Vanpool?

Enterprise will be facilitating numerous informational meetings to help answer questions and to start grouping people into a vanpool.  Please keep an eye out for more information on meeting dates and locations.  In the event you decide to participate in a vanpool after these sessions have taken place, you can reach out to Enterprise directly at 800-826-4967 and select Option 1 to see if there is an existing vanpool that suits your needs.

Are Commute with Enterprise Vanpools an option to people living outside of the County?

Yes, Vanpools may have an origin outside of Sonoma County. Vanpools commuting to Sonoma County, regardless of origin, are eligible for the MTC vanpool subsidy.

Where do Vanpool vehicles park both at home and on campus?

Vanpool participants determine the morning meeting location and time. The Enterprise van may be parked at the meeting point overnight, if permitted, or a driver may take it home at night. The County will have designed carpool parking spaces available for Vanpools.  Vanpool participants will also determine the meeting location on campus for the commute home.

Are vanpools for County employees only?

To be eligible for the $350 monthly subsidy from MTC, vanpools must be open to the public if there are empty seats.

Can I use vanpool only a couple days a week?

Vanpoolers pay a set price per month. Typically, vanpooling provides a cost savings if it is used 15 days or more per month. A vanpool must have an average monthly occupancy of over 50% to be eligible for the $350 monthly subsidy from MTC.

How are the vanpool drivers determined?

Vanpool participants determine who drives. In some vanpools, all participants share the driving duties but this is not a requirement.

 All drivers must submit an application for approval before they are given the keys. Each driver’s MVR (Motor Vehicle Record) will be checked annually. The program requires that each approved vanpool driver to be 25 years of age or older, have no more than two moving violations, no major convictions in the last 5 years, and be licensed a minimum of 5 years in the United States. 

How is maintenance handled?

Commute with Enterprise takes care of both minor and major repairs, as well as comprehensive maintenance. Commute with Enterprise will help you locate a maintenance shop that’s convenient for you. If the van needs to be kept overnight, Enterprise may provide a backup vehicle at no cost to you.

How does Enterprise’s insurance work with my insurance coverage?

Included in the monthly cost of participation in the Vanpool program, Enterprise provides auto insurance that covers participating drivers. Liability coverage (covering property damage or bodily injury to a third party) is in the amount of $1 million per occurrence, and the Uninsured Motorist coverage (responds if the other driver is at fault and doesn’t have insurance) is in the amount of $100,000. A driver’s own insurance may also respond, depending on the circumstances of an incident, and the type of insurance policy carried by the driver. Vanpool drivers should consult their personal automobile insurance broker with any additional questions about insurance coverage. Please note that as outlined in the Commute with Enterprise Driver Agreement, the insurance limits provided by Enterprise decrease (Liability $250K/occurrence and $30K Uninsured Motorist) if the vehicle is operated outside of the commute operation/use of the vehicle.

Can the drivers use the vehicle for personal use?

No, Commute with Enterprise vehicles shall not be used for personal use outside of regular commuting activities.  Traveling to and from work, fueling, car washes, and maintenance are all considered regular commuting activities.

What happens if a rider drops out?

Enterprise has a Ridematching Program to help you fill any empty seats. If Enterprise can’t find anyone to join the group, you may have the option to switch to a smaller vehicle.

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