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Important Notice To Our Bidders And Suppliers — Change To Electronic Bidding System

Published:  January 7, 2015

The County of Sonoma is changing from our current procurement system to a new electronic system effective February 2, 2015. In order to receive bid notifications you must register in the new Supplier Portal. This process takes just a few minutes, and the registration process is detailed below. Please register as soon as possible in order to receive notification of County solicitations, and to maintain uninterrupted access to our bids.

Please note the following important changes which the new bidding system brings:

  • Your company must be registered in the Supplier Portal in order to receive emailed solicitations and submit responses.
  • Your company must select category codes for the goods and services your firm offers; this allows the County to email solicitations for your company’s specific products and services. Your company will not receive emailed solicitations if category codes are not selected.
  • Purchase Orders are awarded through the online purchasing system. Your company must be registered in order to receive a Purchase Order.
  • It is the responsibility of Bidders and Suppliers to self-manage and update all account information electronically.

Register at

Register as a BIDDER if you are a prospective supplier to the County of Sonoma, and have never received payment from the County for goods and/or services. Please have the following data ready when registering: contact information (including email addresses) for all employees you wish to register as Bidders, and company Tax Identification Number or Social Security number.

Register as a SUPPLIER if you are already an active County of Sonoma supplier looking to register as a Supplier Portal User. Login with the Supplier ID and password which were mailed to you earlier this year. If you no longer have that information, email to request your Supplier ID. You can then reset your password using your Supplier ID and login. Suppliers should:

  • Set up at least one contact with a valid email address in order to receive emailed solicitations.
  • Select or update category codes for the goods and services for which your company wishes to submit bids. This allows the County to email solicitations for your company’s specific products and services. Solicitations cannot be emailed if you do not select category codes.
  • Enter your job title in the description field. The account will not function reliably if this field is left blank.
  • Note that your account may have multiple registered contacts. However, just one contact may receive emailed solicitations.

Please note – if you have already registered as a Supplier at the previous URL, you must login and update your account with the above information in order to receive emailed bid notifications and submit bids.

The County’s new system is scheduled to go-live on February 2, 2015. You are strongly encouraged to set up your new account or update your existing account now, in advance of the go-live date. If you experience problems with registration or online access, send an email describing the specific issue to

Thank you for your continued interest in doing business with the County of Sonoma.

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