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Three Bids Received, Now Under Review

Published:  June 10, 2019

the General Services Department received three responses to the Surplus Notice.

The respondents are: 

  • EAH Housing (Scott Johnson)
  • California Housing Agency (Scott Carper)
  • OSL Properties, LLC (Brandon Cho)

 Over the next 90 days (as directed by the Surplus Act), General Services staff will study the letters of interest, meet with the respondents, and meet with the Board of Supervisors in Closed Session hearings to discuss the price and terms for the proposed sale. The Brown Act permits real estate transactions in Closed Session to ensure that the County is able to negotiate the best value for the property – which benefits taxpayers.

 After 90 days, General Services will have the ability to communicate publicly about the results of the talks. View this information to learn more about the sale process and potential next steps. Announcements will be posted on the County’s Chanate Campus internet page, via our new social media channels (see below), and emailed to all those who have signed up for updates (Visit the County’s Chanate web page to be added). Check out our updated Chanate FAQ

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