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Chanate Campus Sale Opens

Published:  September 7, 2021

Following the Board of Supervisors August 31, 2021 vote to remarket the Chanate Campus for sale, the online auction sale will open shortly.  Sealed bidding is scheduled to end on November 9, 2021. All of the County’s due diligence materials will be available via the Ten X portal and will ensure all buyers review and sign off on receipt of those materials prior to submitting a bid.  Full auction sale details and due diligence materials are available through the Ten X portal here:

The due diligence materials include seismic studies, constraints mapping, and an update market value of the property.  Seismic engineers have confirmed the location of two major faults that were previously identified on state geological maps as part of the Alquist-Priolo Earthquake Fault Zoning Act study zones. In addition, a third major fault was found, plus a number of minor faults traversing under the Public Health Laboratory, associated with the Rogers Creek fault as it bends across the Chanate property and merges into the Healdsburg fault.

Using the new data, engineers created a constraints map with the recommended development setbacks. Setbacks are not mandatory in the California Building Code, but it is recommended that no structures intended for occupancy be constructed astride a fault. The map indicates that of the total 71 acres, approximately 46.74 acres of the Chanate property are developable; 10.8 acres are within fault zone setbacks. An additional 14.1 acres have slopes exceeding 20 percent.

Based on the Chanate Campus's net 46.74 developable acres, the property has been revalued at $23.2 million - a significant enhancement from previous estimates. Note that the appraisal assumes the buildings are removed and the property is free of any contamination; the County is currently selling it as-is. 




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